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Hudson Valley Pendants Work in Almost Any Room – Here’s How

Pendants are an excellent way to elevate the decor of any room, all while giving you extra needed lighting. Many people are starting to hang them all over their homes. At Crescent Harbor, we’re proud to sell Hudson Valley pendants. Made with superior craftsmanship, these pendants can be used almost anywhere. Here are a few tips on how to get the most from your Hudson Valley pendants.

1.  Over a Dining Table

Dining room pendants can bathe your next big meal in a subtle, complementary light. The general rule for hanging a Hudson Valley pendant over a table is that it should sit 28 to 32 inches above the table itself. The fixture can be hung slightly lower or higher, but that depends on your ceiling and your personal preference.

hudson-valley-pendants2.  In the Hall

Hallway lights are perfect for getting some extra light between rooms. Since hallways often don’t have much natural light, Hudson Valley pendants can provide softer lighting in the darker areas of your hallways. Hudson Valley lights are beautiful pieces that can command a lot of attention in a hallway. Just be sure to hang it so it’s still in your guests’ line of sight—especially if your hallways have high ceilings.

3.  In a Large Room

Living rooms and other large rooms can often benefit from a stylish Hudson Valley pendants; it can anchor a room while elevating the decor. In contrast to pendants hung in dining rooms and hallways, a pendant in a large room should hang a little lower. Put a coffee table underneath so that you can lower the height without worrying about people bumping their heads.

4.  By Your Bed

A pendant on either side of your bed brings a beautiful symmetry to a bedroom. It also gives you a bedside light without needing to take up space on your bedside table. Dramatic designs and styles are often your best choice here since it’s an unconventional place for a pendant. Look for pieces that complement your overall decor choice, but also look for a piece that will draw the eye. Hudson Valley pendants are a perfect choice to complement almost any decor, including contemporary styling. With a balance of classic and contemporary, Hudson Valley pendants can often bridge the gap between different styles.

5.  In the Bathroom

There’s nothing worse than odd lighting in a bathroom. They can make your bathroom routine inconvenient. Hudson Valley pendants can often help reduce it and add dramatic styling at the same time. Look for pendants that can provide as much light as you need when looking for bathroom lighting. Open designs are often best to give you the extra light you need.

From bathrooms to bedrooms, pendants are the perfect way to elevate the decor of any room. If you’re looking for quality pendant, be sure to look at Crescent Harbor’s selection of Hudson Valley pendants. Their classic and contemporary designs are made with the best materials, so you can enjoy beautiful pendants for years to come.

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