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House of Troy Floor Lamps – Elegant, Versatile, and Lovely

Whatever space you need to light, either in the home or in the office, you will find that House of Troy floor lamps are an excellent choice. Why? Because they look good and they fit in everywhere and into any space, whether that space is used for office work, entertaining, or showcasing art. Their simple, elegant designs and fine finishes ensure their versatility.

A floor lamp from the House of Troy collection says sophistication and dependability, without being dull and boring.

Are you looking for something that gives your home office, or your personal workspace in the office, a comfortable, home-like, friendly atmosphere, while at the same time not looking so comfortable that people stretch out to put their feet up and watch television? If you want home, but not home, look at our collection of House of Troy Floor lamps. A floor lamp can make any space seem cozy and welcoming, while the simple, clean designs of the House of Troy floor lamps are professional and elegant as well. The finest materials are used to give them a strong, well-made, solid construction that matches the image that an office should have.House of Troy Floor Lamps

On the other hand, if you are decorating the lived-in part of your home and are looking for a lamp for next to the armchairs and sofa, then you want a lovely floor lamp that will give the same warm and cozy, welcoming feel to your reading space, coffee area, or personal spot. House of Troy floor lamps can be found in the same range of simple, elegant, beautiful designs and finishes that will be perfect for your space. Look through the collection and you will find something that will fit perfectly.

The best part about lighting with lamps is that they always fit perfectly because they are versatile.

The light House of Troy floor lamps deliver is welcoming and flexible enough to move around without causing stress to your room’s furniture arrangements, even as your tastes or furnishings change. In a work space, a lamp that moves around does the job best. One that stands in the same place, but can swing around to focus light and attention on one area where it is needed at that moment, is very useful and is ideal for any office, pharmacy, or reading or computer area. These kinds of lights take up little space on the floor, and yet the light from the shaded bulb can be anywhere it needs to be.

With finishes in gold, brass, silver, platinum, onyx, and other blends, and with shades in ivory, white, or other colors, flexibility always works with beauty. You will be able to find the right lamp for the right purpose with our collection of House of Troy floor lamps here at Crescent Harbor—and you’ll find them at a good price, too, with the help of staff who will be able to advise you on the best kind of lamp for your space. House of Troy has many matching designs in the same theme, so your desk lamps, floor lamps, ceiling pendants, or wall sconces can always blend and look great together. Take a look and see what we have to offer at Crescent Harbor in our House of Troy Floor Lamps and Lighting Collection.

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