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How to Highlight Your Home with Minka Lavery pendants

Over the past few years, recessed lighting has become a more and more popular feature in homes. Recessed lights are installed so that the bulb sits above or flush with the ceiling line, as opposed to pendant lights, which hang below the ceiling line and often feature a decorative shade of some kind. Although recessed lights can be a good solution for adding extra ambient light to a home, they aren’t necessarily a replacement for pendant lights. A pendant light from a quality company, like Minka Lavery pendants, can add so much more than just light to your home. Here are a few reasons to consider pendant lights in your home.

Spotlighting Your Home

While recessed lighting can fill a room with evenly distributed light, pendant lights allow you to shine a spotlight on the best parts of your home and set the mood in a room. Whether you want to highlight a beautiful piece of furniture or art, or add a little extra glow over a dining area, a Minka Lavery pendant light can illuminate the best parts of your home.

Of course, the way the light is distributed depends on the shape and shade of the fixture. Check out our selection of Minka Lavery pendants or sconces to light up a mirror, multi-bulb fixtures to diffuse light in large areas, and many more options.

Part of the Decor

A pendant light does more than brighten up a room; it also makes a decorative statement—something recessed lighting simply can’t do. While recessed lighting is entirely utilitarian, Minka Lavery pendant lights add beauty, style, and personality to a room. A well chosen pendant light looks just as good when it’s off! Whether your look is modern and sleek or classically sophisticated, Minka Lavery has a style that will fit your home and add a splash of style.

Minka Lavery PendantsYou Don’t Have to Choose

If you’re still attached to the idea of recessed lighting, the good news is that you don’t actually have to choose between recessed and pendant lights. You can have both in the same room. Many people do, and it looks great! You can install recessed lighting in areas that need general brightening up, while still incorporating a Minka Lavery pendant light to highlight certain parts of the room and express your personal style. Because recessed lighting is designed to be fairly inconspicuous, you should be able to incorporate the two seamlessly without it looking cluttered or mismatched.

Once you have your recessed lighting installed in a way that’s functional and brightens up your home, the real fun begins: you can start shopping for a beautiful Minka Lavery pendant light to finish off your lighting design with style. Here at Crescent Harbor ( ), we have many styles of pendant lights to choose from, including a range of looks from Minka Lavery that span from classic to modern, and from understated to major statement. If you are ready to add that finishing touch to your home, check out our selection today.

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