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How to Find Your Style with Hudson Valley Lighting

Hudson Valley Lighting is more than just lighting; it’s a lifestyle based on well-made fixtures, quality, and beauty. Therefore, for individuals who love to use their home décor as an extension of themselves, this brand of lighting is something you may want to know more about.

Below we’re going to look at what makes Hudson Valley Lighting different from other brands, and we’re going to give you some decorating tips to get the most out of this high quality lighting.  To benefit the most from what Hudson Valley lighting products has to offer, it’s interesting to note how the company feels about its products, and what their vision is.  To begin, we will take a brief peak at how the company came to be, and what it stands for.

Hudson Valley lighting productsWhat Hudson Valley Lighting Means When They Say High Quality

As with most lighting brands, Hudson Valley Lighting claims all their products are high quality, but what does this mean to consumers? Well, they want to make sure that all their lighting fixtures have unique style that will hold their beauty for years.  To accomplish this, they:

•  Use high-grade materials

•  Use superior manufacturing techniques (hand-rubbed finishes, and heavy casting).

About Hudson Valley Lighting

Based in Newburgh, NY, Hudson Valley Lighting has been in existence for almost 30 years, and its founder and principal, David Littman strongly believes that “A decorative lighting fixture allows the ‘original phenomena’ to discover its most enthralling potential when it is designed to enhance the warmth and comfort of home, while simultaneously serving as a focal point of style and self-expression.”

More About the Founder of Hudson Valley Lighting

David Hudson has an MBA in finance, but he was drawn to the lighting industry by his grandfather, William Littman.  As an active participant, David’s role stretches beyond the business side of the company, and it extends to hand-pencilling designs and attending on the factory floor to inspect the quality of each piece.  Now that you have a better understanding of Hudson Valley Lighting’s behind the scenes, let’s take a closer look at their lighting products.

Hudson Valley Lighting Selections

This lighting company offers many different lighting fixtures to compliment any room in the house, such as an array of innovative chandeliers, island lights, picture lights, floor lamps, striking bath lights, and wall scones.  Additionally, Hudson Valley lighting comes in various designs.

Hudson Valley Lighting Designs

•  Bold and Glamourous: Inspired by Hollywood’s glittering heyday.

•  Chic Vintage and Industrial: An eclectic look created by combining rugged utilitarian designs together with refined materials and premium finishes.

•  Classic Heritage: This look was inspired by Heirlooms and strives to maintain the enduring beauty of antiques.

•  Timeless Elegance: These sturdy classics use thoughtful flourishes and attractive details to enhance their appeal.

•  Warm Modern: The modern look of these Hudson Valley lighting designs offers features together with cosmopolitan designs to display sophistication that is calm, balanced and clean.

As you can see, Hudson Valley lighting has designs for every taste.

At Crescent Harbor, we love that we’re able to offer our customers a wide range of lighting fixtures.  If you’re looking for ways to enhance your décor in any room, you’ll want to see what Hudson Valley lighting has to offer. To check out the entire collection, you can go to our website ( ).

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