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Elegant, Hand Forged Wrought Iron Light Fixtures from Hubbardton Forge

The elegant, hand forged wrought iron light fixtures from Hubbardton Forge go beyond the accepted boundaries of lighting fixtures. Their designs are definitely the result of thinking outside the box, which is probably the reason why this lighting company is celebrating 41 years in business.

Let’s explore why the elegant, hand forged wrought iron light fixtures from Hubbardton Forge are so mind blowing and exciting, after all they are just light fixtures right?

To begin we will look at the history of Hubbardton Forge and see what the company stands for. Then we will look at some specific products that look amazing, even to the most skeptical shopper.

History of Hubbardton Forge

George Chandler and Reed Hampton founded Hubbardton Forge in 1974 – two years after they met at a sculpting class at the University of Vermont. In the beginning, they worked out of a family owned barn and in 1990, they moved to a larger facility to house their expanding staff and products.

In the late 1990’s and early 2000’s Hubbardton Forge introduced many iconic products, such as the Sweeping Taper Sconce, and some of these original items remain in the current product line.

Hubbardton Forge – The Brand

It is interesting that the company tagline is “Modern American Blacksmiths,” and this ideology is what they built the company on. Hubbardton Forge takes what used to be one of the most respected jobs of the past, Blacksmithing, and brought it back to life.

Their designs and products revert to the old days when items were sturdy, and breathtaking to look at. They use some of the same standards and materials as the traditional blacksmith – hammer and the anvil. Hubbardton Forge designers are always trying new ways to make their lighting fixtures the best in the world.

Wrought Iron Light Fixtures

All of the lighting products in this company’s collection are chic as well as fascinating.  Below we take a brief look at some of their most popular pieces famous for taking the personal touch of converting raw metal into works of art.

The Erlenmeyer Pendant

This pendant is classic as well as functional. The metalwork and blown glass join together to create a sophisticated yet traditional feel. This lighting fixture is ideal for many rooms around the house including hallways because it provides ambient light diffused through a glass diffuser.

Hand Forged Wrought Iron Table Lamps

Each piece in their lamp collection oozes elegance, and simplicity.

Hubbardton Forge Chandeliers

The chandeliers are bold and will definitely make a statement in any room you choose to put them in. Each piece is individually designed and handcrafted; and you have the choice of getting one with a contemporary or traditional feel.

At Crescent Harbor, we love that we’re able to offer our customers a wide range of lighting fixtures, and we know what’s important to them. This is how we know that the elegant, hand forged wrought iron light fixtures from Hubbardton Forge will go beyond your wildest dreams.

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