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Diamond pendant and Diamond necklace – Pendant light and Chandeliers

Lighting for house:

Houses, streets, pavements etc will have and should have lights. These lights are useful in the evenings and night times. Sometimes the lights are on in daytime also in some houses which don’t have sufficient sunlight.  Martin Luther King Jr has said ‘Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Light is really very essential in human’s life.

Types, Shapes and sizes of Light:

Lights are of several types and they are:

  1. Sodium vapor lamp: Mostly they can be visible in streets.
  2. Incandescent: these are present in houses and they have the shapes like bulb, globe, and decorative like flame type, tear drop etc.
  3. Fluorescent: these are also used in houses generally; they are called as power saving bulbs. These are also having the shape of bulb, tubes, twisted tubes etc…
  4. High- intensity discharge: Used in houses.
  5. LED light (Light Emitting Diodes): these are smaller in sizes it is a chemical chip embedded in a plastic capsule.

Apart from this there are more types of lights like tube lights, bulbs, night lamps, table lamps etc these are named according to their purposes.

Modern Houses and their lighting:

Now-a-days all human being want to show off their status in their property they have. Mostly they show off in the car they have the interior decoration of the house, size of the house paintings in the house, showcases in the house etc. Even though a house have everything in it these entire thing will be giving their glow only when the lighting arrangement are done accordingly. Now there are no houses with normal lights, they fix only interior decorative lights like small bulb kind of ceiling lights, different colors in lights, different shapes in lights like, ‘U’ shape, circle, twisted etc. In this type of modern lights the Queen is the pendant light which is a hanging light and the king is the chandelier light.

Pendant Light:

The pendant light is a light which is a dropping light from ceiling. It is a light which is inside a doom and the doom is suspended from the ceiling with the help of a cord like wire. This pendant light is mostly hung in kitchen or above the dining table for look and it gives a luxurious look. It is made of many materials like glass; plastic even in ceramic it is done. Mostly these don’t take much of voltage so it is called as energy saver also. Mostly this type of lights is hung in kitchen and above the billiards table.

The Chandelier’s light:

The chandeliers lights give an appearance as if it is the richest light in the light family. It has an inverted tree shape. It is also hung in ceiling with a small cord of wire and it gives bright and glittering lighting appearance. In olden days they used to light candles in these lights and this type of lights were made in glass and it was heavy now it is also made in crystals which gives more glittering lighting appearance. Mostly this light is really awesome and lich look when it is hung under a dining table. It gives rich dining look.

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