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Designing Your Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Open-air lighting is indeed a necessity however, with a little tinge of creativity this necessity can be converted into an illuminating decor. Innovative outdoor lighting will not only enhance the beautification of your premise, it will be creating an immaculate lighting design for your house exterior.

One of the prime aspects of outdoor light is its beauty no doubt, but utility and energy efficiency is the other requirement of this lighting arrangement. Therefore the lights you will select for the outdoor lighting should be energy efficient as maximum as possible. Besides low voltage illumination, the lighting arrangement has to be within case so that hostile weather cannot harm these fixtures.

Increasing visibility is an aim of outdoor lighting

One of the prime intentions behind outdoor light is increasing the visibility. This can be done by installing different types of lights maintaining the safety and aesthetics. Three types of lights are mostly used for decorating the outskirt areas of a house, and these are spread lighting, accent lighting, and path lighting. Mostly any one of these three options is used or sometime the combo of all these three options is used for creating a beautiful setting.

Light installation in outdoor areas

  • Path lighting are used for illuminating pathways and walking trails of a house built around. These lights are installed mainly for safety but they add obvious visibility as well as create romantic ambiance within the outdoor landscape. These are low voltage lights so hardly impacts on energy bill.
  • Accent lighting are used for creating focus on a particular object but these kinds of lighting arrangement creates bordering lighting as well as a dim illumination is its adjacent areas.Besides creating excellent curb appeal, by these lighting highlighting impact on an object can be created.
  • Spread lights, as suggested by name, widespread light amidst the outdoor landscape. These lights are used for visibility in general but these are mot meant to put focus on a specific object, structure or particular feature.

Successful combo of these three types of lights can create excellent placement of layers and that add amazing appeal to exterior home decor.

Outdoor light: how it is different

Outdoor light arrangement differs largely from indoor lighting arrangement. Whereas reflection is a great issue for indoor lighting, for exterior lighting it does not make any big effect. Position and meticulous shielding are two issues one has to take care in outdoor light arrangement in order to prevent unwanted glaring. Controlling glare is one of the prime aspects of outdoor landscape lighting.

Glare controlling tips:

  • Outdoor light should be proportionate: too big lights may great glare.
  • Direct outdoor background lights should be used for entry points
  • Indirect outdoor lights should be placed on the garden, garage way etc. for creating a soft wash of visibility.

Following these tips you can easily create a great ambiance in your outdoor lighting arrangement. For more tips and suggestion about innovative outdoor light installation you may browse through

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