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Crystorama—For Those Who Need More from Their Lighting

Are you currently thinking about renovating your home?  It can be an overwhelming task.  Hiring crews to come knock out walls is time consuming, stressful, and exhausting.  There is, however, an easier way to give your home a facelift without the exhausting need to pick up a sledge hammer.  Start with Crystorama lighting and you might be surprised at the difference you can make in your home simply by switching out a few light fixtures.

How to give your home a whole new look without actually giving it a whole new face:

There are a few simple solutions when it comes to home renovations.  The obvious choices are paint and flooring, but a not-so-obvious choice that can yield big results is lighting.  Introducing different types of lighting to spaces can make a huge difference in how the room is perceived.  You can focus attention on accent walls or unique spatial features by focusing light in them.  You can also change the entire atmosphere of a room simply by readjusting the type of lighting you are using, or by adding more lighting fixtures, or upgrading the lighting fixtures you already have.  These are no difficult design renovations to make, and they can make a big difference on the way you feel in your home—especially if you turn to unique and high quality light fixtures like Crystorama fixtures.


Crystorama, one of the most enduring names in the lighting business, is now becoming well-known for its innovative modern and contemporary indoor lighting pieces.  Crystorama fixtures aren’t just high quality fixtures; they are works of art in their own right, offering any indoor space a unique and modern touch through a variety of design options.

Want to make a big statement?

Crystorama offers a terrific selection of modern and contemporary chandelier designs, including crystal chandeliers as well as designer-focused chandeliers like the Galaxy 7 Light Chandelier, a trendsetting piece whose shiny chrome, gunmetal accents, and sleek, orbital design make it more than simply light-catching.

Crystorama offers a variety of sizes and styles of chandeliers so you can be sure to find one that fits any space.  Looking for the perfect piece to add a spark of glamor to a smaller space?  Consider one of Crystorama’s smaller chandelier options, like the Broche 4 Light Chandelier, and introduce your space to the tailored, European-influenced elegance of hand-painted, English bronze, wrought iron leaves.

Chandeliers not quite right for the space?

Crystorama also offers a variety of wall sconces, pendant lighting, semi-flush, and flush mounts that are sure to bring your home the glamor and style it commands—like the Palla collection, which introduces Dorian Webb-inspired natural earth tones in an orb-shaped design that is topped off with white capiz shells and clear, hand cut jewels.

No matter what space you are looking to provide that refreshingly glamorous touch to, Crystorama has the perfect collection of lighting fixtures to get you there.  If you are interested in exploring a variety of Crystorama lighting masterpieces, visit us at Crescent Harbor Modern today.  We carry a wide assortment of high quality, modern and contemporary lighting fixtures, from chandelier to table lamp, and our collection includes the most elegant of Crystorama pieces.  Find the perfect lighting fixture to complete your décor vision; visit us online today.

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