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How to Creatively Decorate Your Home with Buffet Lamps

The buffet lamp, also known as the bureau lamp or the candlestick lamp, is a handy, versatile lighting piece that can dramatically change the look of a room and focus its decor. As tall, thin floor lamps with narrow shades, they have the unique ability to fit almost anywhere, making them not only useful as decor pieces, but also for adding some much-needed light to areas that may not get the light that they need. Here are just a few ways in which the humble buffet lamp can be used to creatively change a room’s decor and function.


1. Make a Nook

One of the best features of the buffet lamp is its ability to fit almost anywhere. This is perfect for creating places where you need some light when the actual fixture is far away. Many people use buffet lamps to create reading nooks in places where there’s space but low lighting. All it takes is a nice chair, a buffet lamp, and a good book.

2. Throw Some Shade

Lampshades are about more than subduing the harsh light of a bulb; they can also help to illuminate a room in interesting, often dramatic ways. A tall buffet lamp is the perfect piece for having some fun with lampshades precisely because they can go almost anywhere and are tall enough to make a visual impact. Since they are so versatile, people use buffet lamps not just for light, but also for adding shape to a room. With a light or white lampshade, for example, the buffet lamp can help illuminate a room that is low on light or light fixtures, like living rooms or dining rooms that don’t have chandeliers. In these instances, a few buffet lamps with the right lampshades can make a room that’s difficult to use in the evening a warm and inviting place.

Throw a dark lampshade on a buffet lamp, however, and you can cast light directly up and down. This creates dynamic pillars of light that can completely shift a room’s decor. Many homeowners are using this technique in hallways, living rooms, and in places where people gather to offer a completely different look, one that uses light as a decor choice rather than a way to make something more visible.

3. Create a Theme

Another hidden power of the buffet lamp is that they are actually quite affordable, meaning you can often get a set and create a statement using identical pieces. This is perfect for spaces that are a little chaotic and need a unifying element to bring the entire space together.

The humble buffet lamp is one of the most under-appreciated light fixtures in the world; it’s a piece that has versatility and beauty. They can be used almost anywhere to do anything, from illuminating to completely changing a room’s look, and they are affordable enough to have multiples working together. If you are looking for buffet lamps, be sure to check out Crescent Harbor’s large selection of buffet lamps. These quality pieces are beautiful, functional, and can transform a room with just a single piece.

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