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Create a Special Ambience for Your Home by Choosing Crystorama Lighting

As with anything personal, you want the ambience of your home to reflect you and your lifestyle. It is not any different than your personal style to your wardrobe, the type of car you drive, your reading materials, where you choose to buy your morning coffee, etc. Whether you like trendy styles, or are more traditional, you want people who enter your home to feel part of you in it. As well, you want to feel like you fit in and become part of each room so you can be as comfortable as possible. After all, your home truly is your castle.

When it comes to decorating your home, there are many things to consider – your flooring, furniture and wall coverings, for one, but one thing you can’t forget about is the lighting. The type of lighting you use says a lot about your sense of style. If you want to create that special ambience that is unique to you for your home, choose Crystorama lighting. Sometimes a chandelier or lamp is all you need to create that special look and feel you want.

With Crystorama lighting, the light is cast through the crystals or diamonds, thus scattering flickers of light throughout the room, which gives the room and its contents a magical bright aura. Not only is this pleasant for a stressed mind, it also resonates cleanliness, which is important when you’re trying to relax and forget about your busy day.

Versatility of Crystorama Lighting

 Crystorama lighting comes in various shades such as white gold, brass, pewter, etc. As well, it comes in different colors and cuts.

Crystorama Lighting Ranges from Affordable to Expensive

 Crystorama lighting ranges from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. Crystorama lighting fixtures are made with diamonds, or crystals, making them both elegant and affordable, but the bigger the jewel, the more expensive it will be. If, however, you have an even more expensive taste and want your lighting specially made, you can get the crystals or diamonds hand cut to your specifications.

Crystorama Lighting and Mirrors

 Another thing to consider is using mirrors with Crystorama lighting as part of your interior design. Mirrors reflect light so if the room is small they will illuminate dark corners and add drama by creating the illusion of space. If your goal is to maximize the ambience of a room, try matching Crystorama lighting with a well-placed mirror, or mirrors.

Maximize a room’s style with a well-placed mirror.  

Mirrors aren’t expensive if you look for them at flea markets, garage sales, second hand stores or estate sales. As well, when you want a change you can just change out the frame so you can continually recycle them. At Crescent Harbor Modern, we are in the business of helping homeowners create the best atmosphere to complement their lifestyle.

If you’re building or redecorating and want to create a special ambience for your home by choosing Crystorama lighting, for your indoor lighting, find out more about these elegant accessories on our website.

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