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Create Classical Ambiance with Rustic Lighting Fixtures

Sometimes shining a little light on the past can give a personal touch to a modern home. Whether it is a loft space in an up and coming neighborhood or a single family house in the suburbs, using rustic lighting can add charm and character to any space. It can be a way of honoring the style and classical ambiance of yesteryear while maintaining a foothold in the present.

Incorporating classic or rustic flair in modern décor is a trend that has seen a large amount of interest in recent years. Some of the most interesting design ideas on the internet are where household items that our parents or grandparents used are repurposed and re-envisioned: mason canning jars converted into candles, cast iron bathtubs turned into seating, and more. Besides the sustainable benefits of such decorating, one reason many people are getting into this is because it lends a uniqueness and a quaint, rural charm to any space. One way that requires less elbow grease to bring that flair home is by changing your light fixtures.

Old is new again

At Crescent Harbor, many of our lighting fixtures marry modern reliability and energy efficiency with rustic appeal and style. Elements such as wrought iron, amber glass, rubbed bronze, and barn wood create stunning chandeliers, pendant lights and sconces that bring the past to life. For example, the Framburg Magnolia Two Light Sconce in brass is reminiscent of early 20th century lighting, and with its swanlike arms and bell-shaped glass, it adds an old world rustic charm that could fit in a period drama or a modern hallway. And the North East Lantern Lodge series Lantern would brighten up any porch or covered verandah. Hudson’s Valley’s Bethesda series of light fixtures offers rustic appeal in a stripped down modern style—and it is eco-friendly to boot.

There are many ways to create a classical ambiance in a modern space, and lighting can take it to the next level. We offer a wide variety of rustic and country style lighting fixtures to fit any design and any budget. If you are interested, there are a few things we would recommend that people consider before making their purchase:

1)  Room size– Getting the right size and style of fixture for the space is important. There is nothing worse than having to return a fixture because it was too big or because it hung too low. There are many great styles out there, and many brands offer fixtures in varying sizes.

2)  Color– If you are choosing a fixture, make sure that its materials and colors do not clash with the room’s décor.

3)  Budget– We offer fixtures that are anywhere from $200 to over $1500. Knowing what is in your price range is a great start, and you will be surprised at the variety that can be found.

Rustic charm is coming back in a big way; it can help add a classical ambiance to any space, and one of the best ways to get that old time feel is with rustic lighting fixtures.

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