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From Classic to Contemporary : Hudson Valley Pendant Lights

We’ve all seen it before : the over-the-top, garishly decorated home, victim to owners who have to jump on every new décor trend, no matter how crazy, how ill-suited to the home, or how poorly thought-out. Jumping on decor fads just because they’re in without making sure they’re right for you is sure to result in a home that doesn’t feel comfortable or cohesive. And then there’s the home that was once tastefully on-trend, but has fallen out of style and is in desperate need of an update. Then there’s the complete opposite: the bland, conservative home packed with play-it-safe decor and statement-free furniture. Sure, it might not go out of style, but it’s not very exciting or inspiring to look at. These unsightly homes often run through a homeowner’s mind when picking out new lighting fixtures. Do you go trendy and risk it looking silly in a few years? Or do you skew traditional and fail to make a statement. When pondering this conundrum, start with a brand that offers a lot of variety, like Hudson Valley Pendants, to help you weigh out the pros and cons of each.

Traditional Pendant Lights

Let’s start with traditional styles. Crescent Harbor carries a number of Hudson Valley pendants in classic, tasteful shapes and materials. Classic chandeliers and shade pendants in soft brushed medals, smooth glass and neutral fabrics will look good in your home for decades to come. The key here is the quality materials—beautiful finishes and stunning craftsmanship elevate these traditional styles from plain to sophisticated, so you don’t need to worry about them looking boring. Of course, if you do want to make a bold statement or fill a grand space, a traditional look might not be best for you.Hudson Valley Pendants

Trendy Pendant Lights

How do you know if a trendy or statement pendant is right for your home? If you want people to notice the pendant and not just the light coming from it, you’re probably a good candidate. Hudson Valley pendants are available in a variety of statement styles, in bold shapes and sizes and with unexpected details. Again, quality here is key. The quality of the materials prevents the Hudson Valley pendants from looking tacky or over-the-top, no mater how bold. A good quality statement pendant is the perfect addition to a fashion-forward space, or a great way to liven up a muted room.

But if you’re feeling at all uncertain about a trendier Hudson Valley pendant, then it might not be right for you. A statement for the sake of being trendy won’t age well.

The Sweet Spot : Somewhere in Between

Of course, there is no need to choose between fashion-forward and classic light fixtures. Hudson Valley pendants offer plenty of styles that fall right in the middle! Classic shapes with interesting but subtle embellishments, sculptural styles in timeless materials: these moderate styles are the perfect solution for anyone who is on the fence.

Ready to revamp your lighting? No matter what your style, there is a Hudson Valley pendant for you. Check out our selection at Crescent Harbor ( ) today.

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