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How to Choose Cost Effective Modern Lights for Your Home

Your home’s lighting should complement the surrounding area, but it also shouldn’t be such a pain in the neck when it comes to energy costs. Choosing the right modern lighting for your home is like having the right shoes to match an outfit; likewise, your lights should build character in your home. Depending on the style of lighting, if it’s a table lamp, chandelier, bath fixture, outdoor lighting, floor lamp, wall sconce or ceiling fan, there is a right lighting fixture for every home. However, there are certain ways to complement your home’s theme without breaking the bank. Here are some easy tips to choosing cost effective modern lights for your home.

Cost-efficient Lighting Choices

One of the best ways to find cost efficient lighting is by choosing the right bulbs.  Three of the most energy-efficient lighting types include halogen incandescent, CFLS (compact fluorescent lamps), and LEDs.

Halogen Incandescent has a capsule inside that holds gas around a filament to increase bulb efficiency and these can also be used as dimmers.

Another option for cost efficient bulbs includes CFLs, which are the curly versions of the long tube fluorescent lights you may already have in various places in your home, like the kitchen or garage. These will use less electricity than traditional incandescent and will start paying for them by saving money on your energy bill after nine months.

You can also switch to LEDs, which are semi-conductors that convert electricity into light. LEDs are today’s most energy-efficient and rapidly developing technology, which last longer than traditional incandescent lighting options they will replace. At Crescent Harbor Modern, we have a variety of lighting brands to choose from for your specified needs. These bulb options can help make any area of your home cost-efficient while our lighting fixtures can promise to decorate your home to make it cozy and modern. We offer modern creative solutions to easily show off your sense of style.

Low Price Guarantee

We, at Crescent Harbor Modern are committed to selling the finest lighting at the lowest possible prices. Our company offers 110% lowest price guarantee, this means that if you find any item that we sell on our website at a lower price from any factory authorized retailer after you’ve already made the purchase from us, then we will refund 110% of the difference between their price and what you paid for the item. However, the product must be identified within 7 days of your order.  To receive your credit, you must fax or email a copy of your invoice from the other retailer to us at and we will take the time to review your claim and ensure you receive your reimbursement.  You can shop without any worry as you will get the best possible deal for your modern lights.

Variety of Fixture Styles

Choose from our enormous variety of lampshades and light fixtures to find the right one for your home. Keep in mind that the darker your lamp shade, the more light it will absorb, which can be more than half of what a bulb emits. There are certain ways to choose a light fixture in order to save yourself some heavy costs; this can be done by choosing table lamps, standing lamps, or other standing light fixtures for rooms in your home.

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