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Choose Corbett Lighting for Your Home

You may have noticed that when you hit the Big Box stores you find your elf literally staring at a wall of lights – all lit up – one after the other, only subtly different from the one that came before it. It’s dreary – and not as cheap as it should be for the lack of selection and originality. For those of us looking to really make a statement with our light choices, this simply won’t do. If you want fixtures that exude elegance and class, you’re looking for Corbett Lighting options.

Pendant LightCorbett Lighting is responsible for creating some of the most beautiful light fixtures for homes available on the market today. They can outfit any space in your home with the appropriate light – whether you need a show stopper, or something fit for your bathroom, Corbett Lighting has you covered.

Pendant Lights

Most of the pendant lights you will find made by Corbett Lighting have a shadow of traditionalism at the core of their design, but are a prime example of how traditional design can be made modern. If you need big and bold, or sleek and understated, Corbett pendants offers it. At Crescent Harbor Modern, we are proud to carry Corbett Lighting products, and our customers love them too.

Foyer lighting

Most people ignore their hallways and foyers when it comes to lighting, particularly if they don’t have a grand entrance to showcase that lighting. The good news is that you don’t have to have 12 foot ceilings to showcase a great lighting fixture, and your hallways need love too. Corbett Lighting has the perfect selection of tasteful foyer and hallway lighting to suit transitional spaces in your home, and even elegant ceiling mount options that could be the star of any foyer – big or small.


While a beautiful chandelier or stunning pendant light may be the star of your dining room or kitchen, when it comes to spaces you want to relax in – like living rooms, bedrooms and rec rooms, you want something less intrusive, but still capable of lighting up the whole space when necessary. Corbett wall sconces are the perfect option for these spaces. Since most can be equipped with dimmer switches, they are perfect for rooms where you may want to set the mood. This is also true of bathrooms. Although you may spend the day running in and out of the bathroom, between primping, teeth brushing, bathing yourself, bathing your kids, and attending to boo-boos – its sometimes difficult to see your bathroom as a relaxing place. With sconces from Corbett Lighting, not only will you be able to create a relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom, but you’ll also bring the design to a whole new level.

No matter what your needs may be – from practical to design specific – Corbett Lighting has everything you need to fulfill your vision of your home, and meet your high design standards. When looking for something that screams classic elegance, remember Corbett Lighting and then visit us at Crescent Harbor Modern ( ) for all your designer lighting needs.



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