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Chandeliers: Different Types Available in Market

The combo of light and its glass reflection has been used since a long time as the wonderful dazzling lighting decoration of a large room. Typically used for royal room decoration, often these multiple lights are fixed at one point, which not only create great feel, it add a special splendour too in room decoration and can make your celebrations special.

Combo of light and its glass reflection can be best observed in chandeliers and that is why perhaps these lighting fixtures are widely in demand worldwide. Keeping consumer demand in focus, different types of these luminaries are available in market. Some of the most popular variants are narrated here.

Crystal type: This is perhaps the most elegant verity of this globally famous lighting fixture. Starting from royal houses and huge auditoriums, these crystal decorated luminaries are used in commercial and residential units.

Crystal type beautiful chandeliers

Beaded and shell variety: this is a more contemporary design and has earned huge applause from sophisticated home makers.

Beaded and shell variety chandeliers

Metal made variant:  These are durable and easy to maintain. Brass, wrought iron, and nickel made varieties are widely available in market.

metal made chandeliers


Mission chandeliers: These are artistic chandeliers made with creative arts and craft. Mostly these are found made with stained glass and metallic frame.

mission modern chandeliers

Antler variants: These innovative luminaries are made of antlers and often look as creative lighting fixture in a custom made interior with somehow rustic look.

Antler variants chandeliers

Candle Chandeliers: these are perhaps one of the most popular variant of these cluster lamps. In old days candles were used for creating light although presently, electric bulbs are used as light source.

candle chandeliers

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