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Ceiling Fans Are a Huge Asset to Any Home’s Decor

Ceiling fans are a great asset to home decor.  Their unique design combined with their functionality make them a huge asset in any room of any home.  The right ceiling fan, combined with the right lighting will help create the perfect accessory to your decorating scheme.

How to Decorate with Ceiling Fans

These days ceiling fans come in a wide variety of styles.  From contemporary white to playful multicolored modern designs.  While straight blades are still the most common, many fans can be purchased with leaves, waves and other shapes of blades that add character to the fixture.  The key to decorating with a ceiling fan is to select one specifically matched to your room and theme.  A rustic room with wooden accents will not work well with a contemporary white and straight blade fan.  For a rustic or country look, stick to fans that have darker colors and matching wooden themes.  Match your fan with the furniture in your room.  A playful child’s room works well with themed ceiling fans.  Airplanes and other animals can be purchased as a light and fan combination that enhance the entire look and theme of a room.

The Fan itself Matters

An important décor rule with ceiling fans is to remember to match the size of the fan you are purchasing to the size of your room.  A ceiling fan that is too small for a room will end up looking out of place.  Before purchasing your fan, take into account the size of your room and where it will be placed. Also take into account the lighting that the fan uses.  While the blades are one of the most noticed features of a fan, the lighting itself will play a huge part in how your room will look.  Do you want a bright steady light or soft light with a dimmable feature?  Directional lighting is an option for those that want a specific spotlight on art, for example. Your room lighting is as important as the fan itself. Since they are often one and the same fixture, consider these two needs beforehand, when shopping for your new fixture.

Don’t Forget their Function

Last but definitely not least is to remember the actual function of a ceiling fan. They move air.  This will help keep your room at a comfortable temperature and create subtle air flow throughout your home leading to cooler temperature in warmer climates or even a warmer temperature in cooler climates.  The air flow in your room will be directly affected by the size of the fan you purchase and where you mount it.

When you know what your needs are, purchasing the right ceiling fan becomes a simple and enjoyable task.  One of the final finishing touches to completing a room is a great ceiling fixture. Why not improve your home’s cosmetic appeal and functionality at the same time?

Crescent Harbor provides a large variety of unique lighting and decorative ceiling fans.  Whether you are looking for a contemporary look or a unique fan to complement your feature room, they are sure to have what you are looking for.  When you are ready to upgrade or create a new look for your room, do not forget the added value and dimension of a great ceiling fan.

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