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Minka Lavery

Head-Turning Quality : Minka Lavery Pendants

The furnishings in your house are almost like clothing for your home’s interior. The decor that your home “wears” defines its style and personality. And if you look at it that way, you might agree that the lighting fixtures in your home are a little like the jewelry of an outfit—a relatively small detail that packs a major punch. Much like a necklace or ring, a pendant light is the perfect finishing touch to add a little polish and shine to your home. Of course, when it comes to jewelry, quality is important—genuine precious metals and high grade stones add a much nicer, classier touch than cheap knock-offs. Pendant lights are the same way. The quality of the materials makes all the difference and will add a level of sophistication to your home. If you’re looking for a pendant light that features timeless, high quality materials, you might want to consider a Minka Lavery pendant light. Here are a few reasons why :

05 Apr 2017

Beautify Your Home with Minka Lavery Pendants

It comes as no surprise that many people consider home decoration to be an art form. Just like a fine painting or a piece of music, a well-put-together home makes an interesting statement and evokes an enjoyable set of emotions in the person who experiences it. What many people don’t realize right away, though, is that home decoration is more than just furniture, flooring, and wallpaper topped off with some decorative accents. Much of the atmosphere of a room comes from its lighting. In fact, lighting a home is an art form in and of itself, which is why Crescent Harbor has offered its gorgeous line of Minka Lavery pendants to light your home.

02 Dec 2016

The Grace and Grandeur of Minka Lavery Chandeliers

If you are looking for an exquisite lighting fixture that will liven up any room in your home, look no further than Minka Lavery chandeliers. With a wide array of styles and options to choose from, there is a piece that will suit any interior. From traditional to contemporary and everything in between, Minka Lavery is not only well suited to your tastes, but will also meet your budget.

Dining Room Elegance

31 Aug 2016

Choose Minka Lavery for Your Lighting Needs

It is a simple fact of renovation that, while the renovations themselves work wonders on a room, it is the details that go the distance when it comes to pulling the look together and making a room transform from “cozy” to luxurious.  One of the most important features when it comes to any room is the lighting.  Whether you are aiming for antique, minimalist, classic, or modern, your lighting plays an important role.  Whether it is highlighting the cut of the room by casting light or shadow, or whether it is itself the focal point of the room with its artistic design, your light fixtures are going to be the most important accessories you buy for your room.  With a purpose like that, it’s important to find the perfect fixtures to match your room, and, here at Crescent Harbor, our Minka Lavery collection is the answer.

28 Jun 2016

Minka Lavery

It used to be a simple task, determining lighting for any space – general overhead lights, with some choices for style, table lamps for spaces requiring intimate lighting or for spaces without overhead lighting. Offices generally required both desk top and overhead. But this simple thought to lighting is no longer how we approach it. Form and function both play significant roles in our choices for lighting. We are limited only by our own imaginations with respect to what lighting can do for a space. Pot lights, flush lights, wall sconces, table lamps, floor lamps, pendants or traditional chandeliers will each give a space a particular energy, a particular style or reflect a particular design.

30 Jul 2015

Minka Lavery: Exquisite Selection of Creative and Timeless Lighting Fixtures

In many ways, light is the heart and soul of your home. You can choose your flooring, your decor, your wallpaper, and your landscaping, but when your guests leave after a happy gathering, many of their memories will be surrounded by the light in your home. The way you light your home enhances all of your other choices, from a welcoming glow on your front porch to a bright and elegant chandelier over your dining room table, from a cozy antique style lamp in your living room to a brilliant array of lights over your bathroom mirror as you get ready for an evening out.  At Crescent Harbor, we recognize the beauty that light can bring to your home, and we want to help you find that heart and soul with Minka Lavery light fixtures.

29 Jun 2015