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Rustic Lighting

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Lighting fixtures can dramatically change the feel and mood of a room, and make it seem welcoming or hostile, clinical or inviting. When it comes to choosing lighting fixtures, make sure you choose from trusted brands, brands known for the quality of their products and customer service. Most people only change their lighting fixtures every ten years or so, so when you choose the lighting for your home, you’ll likely be living with that lighting for some time.

01 May 2016

Rustic Lighting to Give Your Home Décor a Unique Look

If you’re looking for an affordable way to redecorate your home, you’ve come to the right place. One of the best ways to enhance the beauty of your home is with rustic lighting.

When you hear the word “rustic” you probably think of nature; and this is the goal of rustic lighting – to give your home a natural and elegant look. A natural touch with rough edges will give your home a homey facelift, if you’re the type of person who loves nature and wants to emit this in the atmosphere of your home.

30 Aug 2015

Create Classical Ambiance with Rustic Lighting Fixtures

Sometimes shining a little light on the past can give a personal touch to a modern home. Whether it is a loft space in an up and coming neighborhood or a single family house in the suburbs, using rustic lighting can add charm and character to any space. It can be a way of honoring the style and classical ambiance of yesteryear while maintaining a foothold in the present.

Incorporating classic or rustic flair in modern décor is a trend that has seen a large amount of interest in recent years. Some of the most interesting design ideas on the internet are where household items that our parents or grandparents used are repurposed and re-envisioned: mason canning jars converted into candles, cast iron bathtubs turned into seating, and more. Besides the sustainable benefits of such decorating, one reason many people are getting into this is because it lends a uniqueness and a quaint, rural charm to any space. One way that requires less elbow grease to bring that flair home is by changing your light fixtures.

04 Apr 2015