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Lighting Fixtures to Decor

Get Quality Rustic Lighting Fixtures from Trusted Brands

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Lighting fixtures can dramatically change the feel and mood of a room, and make it seem welcoming or hostile, clinical or inviting. When it comes to choosing lighting fixtures, make sure you choose from trusted brands, brands known for the quality of their products and customer service. Most people only change their lighting fixtures every ten years or so, so when you choose the lighting for your home, you’ll likely be living with that lighting for some time.

01 May 2016

Hubbardton Forge – Perfect Lighting to Enhance Any Room Setting

If you’re looking for unique lighting fixtures for your home, Crescent Harbor’s Hubbardton Forge lighting will be a good choice for you. At Crescent Harbor, we work with the best engineers and designers in order to offer you lights that you will not see anywhere else. Hubbardton Forge offers a combination of elegance and trendy designs, and their lights are a great way to illuminate any room. All of their fixtures are created in Vermont, and they are crafted with the highest quality in mind.

30 Apr 2016

Hubbardton Forge Lighting Offers Timeless Beauty

What is the best way to make your home decor feel unique? Of course the answer is going to be different for everybody, but for many people the most beautiful way to make a statement with their home decor is to strive for a look of vintage elegance. This works wonderfully when you’re looking to make your home into a place that is uniquely your own, because vintage decor harks back to a time when things were handmade with all the love and care that an artisan could give. Although the technology we use to light our homes has advanced considerably over the centuries, Hubbardton Forge’s line of home lighting pieces can still bring the beauty of times gone by into your home.

04 Apr 2016

George Kovacs Lighting for a Beautiful Home

Light fixtures, except in rare instances, are usually seen as functional pieces: a simple structure to hold light bulbs to brighten up a space. But these fixtures don’t have to be only practical; they can be beautiful and captivating as well. This is the idea on which George Kovacs Lighting was founded: that elegant lighting solution can look amazing while providing the necessary illumination. This entire line is sure to have pieces that will astound you, but here are just a few reasons why you’ll want them in your home.

24 Feb 2016

Make a style statement with Hubbardton Forge

Adding design elements to your home is a great way to make it unique to your own style. There are many different ways in which this can be achieved, whether it’s through stylish furniture, art, interior finishes, decorations, or lighting. Lighting is a great way to add a flare to your home in a simple and inexpensive way. A lamp on a side table can shed a cozy light in a master bedroom; a chandelier or hanging pendant light fixture can make an entry way seem inviting. There are many great elements that lighting can add to a home, especially if it is design-savvy, inexpensive and of good quality.

24 Feb 2016

8 Important Facts You Should Know About Tech Lighting

Modern, sensible, cost effective, and sustainable-Tech Lighting is dedicated to giving you illumination solutions that will look great, save you money, and still give you the outdoor lighting you need. Here are just a few facts about Tech Lighting that one should know.

1. We Focus on the Outdoors

The light fixtures made by Tech Lighting are, first and foremost, made for the outdoors. Outdoor lighting is their specialty and they’ve focused all their efforts into making the best, most sensible and greatest outdoor fixtures in the world.

23 Feb 2016

Timeless Handmade Lighting for Your Home

Antique Look, Modern Style

Our line of Brass Traditions by Malco will take your breath away. These beautiful, handcrafted lighting fixtures combine rugged style with a contemporary yet timeless look. Handmade to meet the highest qualities of design and craftsmanship, Brass Traditions lighting are made of various materials, including copper and brass. Traditionally made of tin, Brass Traditions has refined the designs of yore, in order to build beautiful yet durable and long-lasting handmade lighting fixtures that pay homage to the past, but are built to last well into the future.

31 Jan 2016

Modern Lights are Minimalist but Beautiful

Wouldn’t you love to update your home? Maybe you are thinking about it, but it seems like too much work to change the carpets, paint the walls and replace all the furniture. But it’s worth it. And while you are making changes, don’t forget the small details because those are the ones that make the biggest difference. Modern lights will make a real change to your home decor. With new lights, you have new ambience. Crescent Harbor Modern can bring contemporary lighting to your home in unexpected ways.

29 Jan 2016

Tech Lighting – What Does Modern Lighting Mean?

Lighting is not a simple thing. Lighting for your home has to do so much at the same time. It has a job to do. It must be beautiful, it must be energy efficient, and yet it must blend seamlessly with everything else in the home so that it is almost invisible. Lighting should be something that is taken for granted, and yet, when it is noticed, it must be because of its style and grace. Tech Lighting makes light fixtures for your home that will fit in smoothly and look beautiful for years to come.

24 Dec 2015

Picture Lighting brings Beauty into Your Home

Making the most out of your beautiful artwork means making sure that it is seen. In a dark corner, or in the harsh sunlight, a piece of artwork never seems to be displayed at its best advantage. There are a lot of good ways to display art, but they are all planned so that people notice it and admire it for what it is. Why not do what the museums and galleries do. Light it so that it can be seen. After all, many of the greatest old masters were dark and heavy. As well, they were locked into ornate, but heavy frames, and without the lighting, some of the greatest detail would not appear. Picture lighting is the greatest gift you can give your paintings.

24 Dec 2015