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Hubbardton Forge Lighting

Hubbardton Forge Lighting Offers Timeless Beauty

What is the best way to make your home decor feel unique? Of course the answer is going to be different for everybody, but for many people the most beautiful way to make a statement with their home decor is to strive for a look of vintage elegance. This works wonderfully when you’re looking to make your home into a place that is uniquely your own, because vintage decor harks back to a time when things were handmade with all the love and care that an artisan could give. Although the technology we use to light our homes has advanced considerably over the centuries, Hubbardton Forge’s line of home lighting pieces can still bring the beauty of times gone by into your home.

04 Apr 2016

Make a style statement with Hubbardton Forge

Adding design elements to your home is a great way to make it unique to your own style. There are many different ways in which this can be achieved, whether it’s through stylish furniture, art, interior finishes, decorations, or lighting. Lighting is a great way to add a flare to your home in a simple and inexpensive way. A lamp on a side table can shed a cozy light in a master bedroom; a chandelier or hanging pendant light fixture can make an entry way seem inviting. There are many great elements that lighting can add to a home, especially if it is design-savvy, inexpensive and of good quality.

24 Feb 2016

Elegant, Hand Forged Wrought Iron Light Fixtures from Hubbardton Forge

The elegant, hand forged wrought iron light fixtures from Hubbardton Forge go beyond the accepted boundaries of lighting fixtures. Their designs are definitely the result of thinking outside the box, which is probably the reason why this lighting company is celebrating 41 years in business.

Let’s explore why the elegant, hand forged wrought iron light fixtures from Hubbardton Forge are so mind blowing and exciting, after all they are just light fixtures right?

24 Nov 2015

An Insight into Hubbardton Forge Lighting and Accessories for Homes

Dare to Be Different

Hubbardton Forge offers the most forward-thinking, exciting, and daring designs on the market today. With forty years of experience, Hubbardton Forge offers a unique combination of cutting-edge designs and professional expertise, a combination that is hard to beat and almost impossible to find in today’s mass-produced society. Hubbardton Forge doesn’t just create lighting and accessories for homes; they create statements. If you dare to be different, why not make a statement? Why not go for Hubbardton Forge? Their forty years of experience is only going to lead to forty more!

03 Apr 2015

Lighting Sconces are Multi-Functional Fixtures for Home and Office Use

Sconces are a unique style of lighting fixtures that remain affixed to wall in a way that takes its support from the wall.  Because of its upward direction, scones radiate light in upper direction. In modern light arrangement these sconces are used mostly in the hallways and corridors for providing spread light effect. These fixtures look sleek and trendy and perhaps this is the reasons sconces are counted as versatile light fixture for both residential and business premises.

08 Aug 2014

Embark On a Detailed Comparison between Holtkotter Lighting and Hubbardton Forge

It certainly will not be an easy task to launch a detailed comparison between Holtkotter and Hubbardton Forge lighting fixtures. Deliberating as to what might be the reason behind the same? Well, the plain and simple reason remains in the fact that both of the companies are superb and have been able to create an identity for themselves.

Holtkotter Lighting Vs Hubbardton Forge

Different Light Fixtures

As far as the lightning industry remains in question, it will not be an erroneous claim to make that both companies have assumed true popularity among their base of potential customers. Both Holtkotter and Hubbardton Forge are known to make available for your advantage; transitional, classic and contemporary light fixtures that can prove to be a perfect match as per the decor of any residence. These two companies will offer you with the best selection pertaining to exterior and interior lighting.

18 Feb 2014