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House of Troy

House of Troy Floor Lamps – Elegant, Versatile, and Lovely

Whatever space you need to light, either in the home or in the office, you will find that House of Troy floor lamps are an excellent choice. Why? Because they look good and they fit in everywhere and into any space, whether that space is used for office work, entertaining, or showcasing art. Their simple, elegant designs and fine finishes ensure their versatility.

A floor lamp from the House of Troy collection says sophistication and dependability, without being dull and boring.

27 Sep 2017

House of Troy Floor Lamps Make All the Difference

Lighting is such a key part of any home. It sets the tone and can make a room feel warm and welcoming, or moody and romantic. Sometimes, though, ceiling lighting can cause problems. If you don’t like the way a fixture looks or if it’s not functioning the way it should, it can be clumsy to make changes. This is why you might want to consider introducing some floor lamps into your home. They offer style and flexibility, and House of Troy floor lamps look just as good as ceiling lights. House of Troy has a number of styles that will convince you to make floor lamps a focal point in your home.

01 May 2017

How House of Troy Floor Lamps Can Improvise Your Home Decor

Is your house looking a little boring? It could use some sprucing up, but renovations can be costly, time consuming, and a giant mess. If you don’t have the time and extra funds for a big renovation project, there may be another way to give your house a whole new look—without having to take that sledge hammer to any drywall. Try changing the look of your room with new light fixtures instead. Not into a big wiring project either? No problem! You can add a little glam to your house with House of Troy floor lamps.

27 Oct 2016

Beautiful and Contemporary House of Troy Floor Lamps

Simple Elegance

Looking for a floor lamp that is both classic and contemporary? Look no further than the beautiful and high-quality floor lamps made by House of Troy. The House of Troy floor lamps will automatically add a touch of elegance and style to your office, bedroom, dining or living room space.

While many modern lighting companies choose designs that are futuristic, bold and flamboyant to create statement floor lamps, House of Troy combines high-quality materials with simple yet elegant designs to manufacture floor lamps that are understated yet eye-catching, classic yet chic. And, although House of Troy floor lamps may be understated, they are certainly not outdone in terms of style and elegance, durability and quality. Because of their simple elegance and contemporary yet traditional designs, House of Troy floor lamps will never go out of style.

29 Aug 2016

Discovering House of Troy Lighting

Fine Art Needs Fine Lighting

House of Troy is a Vermont-based company that manufactures durable, top quality lighting fixtures. From picture lights to table lamps to swing arm wall lamps, House of Troy offers a diverse array of these fixtures that will certainly brighten up your home and add a sense of class and elegance to your décor. As one of the leading manufacturers of picture lights, this company allows you to highlight your favorite paintings, photographs and drawings with subtle, attractive lighting. While many people spend big bucks on artworks, they often hang them without any added illumination. In many cases, the lack of proper, gallery-style lighting actually detracts from the work and makes the colors appear duller and less rich.

05 Apr 2016

5 Reasons Why House of Troy Lighting Fixtures is Best for Your Home

Lamps can add a polish and cohesive look to a room. They can be just what you’re looking for to add a special touch to a space. House of Troy specializes in lamps and they are sticklers for quality. They ensure that they use the best materials, and that they hire the most competent and skilled people to make them. They offer a wide selection of lamp styles and finishes too. Here are some of the reasons why customers love House of Troy lighting fixtures.

23 Feb 2016

Pictures Can Say a Thousand Words with House of Troy Fixtures

Picture lighting is a great way to draw attention to a piece of artwork or a photograph that you want to highlight to guests. This is especially helpful if you want to turn off your glaring ceiling lights, but still want guests to be able to see all of the great décor in your home. It will also add to the ambience, making for a cozy evening.

Picking the correct picture lighting can be tough, however. For someone who is not familiar with picture lighting, finding a place to start is the first step. Highlighting pictures with specialized lighting depends on a number of factors, such as the size of the picture, the type of picture and, of course, preference. You’ll want to sit down and think about exactly how you want to showcase your picture. Do you want to take a more subtle route with dim lighting? Or, do you want to draw all attention to that one picture? The option is up to you!

26 Nov 2015

House of Troy Can Brighten and Beautify Your Home

There is more to lighting a room than just providing the means to see. The way you light a room changes the whole nature of that room. Think for a moment of the difference between a harsh, buzzing fluorescent light and a warm, elegant table lamp. Imagine your living room lit by a bare bulb or a tattered old floor lamp… and then imagine it lit by a classy, artistic pair of sconces or a contemporary and convenient swing arm lamp mounted on the wall. The difference is striking, isn’t it? At Crescent Harbor, we want to do our part to make your home glow the way it was meant to, and we think that our House of Troy line of lights will fit your home perfectly.

27 Aug 2015