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Corbett Lighting

Reasons Corbett Lighting is Changing Modern Lighting

Lighting fixtures have changed in the past decade or so. They’ve gone from functional pieces that simply hold lightbulbs to works of art. From basic pieces that were meant to be ignored to another opportunity to display some style and express yourself. These changes happened because of a few designers who saw lighting as more than a chance to brighten a room, and the designers at Corbett Lighting are part of that movement. The light fixtures from Corbett Lighting are elegant, modern, and can change any room’s style and decor. But that isn’t the only reason to make the switch to Corbett Lighting. Here are four reasons why they’re changing lighting as we know it.

22 Dec 2015

Choose Corbett Lighting for Your Home

You may have noticed that when you hit the Big Box stores you find your elf literally staring at a wall of lights – all lit up – one after the other, only subtly different from the one that came before it. It’s dreary – and not as cheap as it should be for the lack of selection and originality. For those of us looking to really make a statement with our light choices, this simply won’t do. If you want fixtures that exude elegance and class, you’re looking for Corbett Lighting options.

02 Oct 2015