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Ceiling Fans

Hugger Ceiling Fans – A Different Option

Ceiling fans are not only a great way to accent your home and add style to function, but they are also a necessity in many climates. Not everyone has central air or wants to have an air conditioner running non-stop. Ceiling fans are a great way to keep the air in your home fresh and comfortable. Hugger ceiling fans simply make this possible in homes that may not have grand ceilings. Here is what we mean:

23 May 2015

Minka Aire Fans Provide Style, Selection and Quality

There is romance in a ceiling fan. They evoke the sense of historic America, tropical islands, beautiful ballrooms, the salons of Paris. And they are home. Bringing a ceiling fan into any of the rooms of your home can give that room a lift of style that nothing else can match. Minka Aire fans, as sold by Crescent Harbor provide more than just style, they provide quality, with a great selection to bring any kind of island, ballroom or salon into your decor.

22 Apr 2015

Casablanca Ceiling Fans—A Lovely Addition to Any Room

Is your newly renovated space looking a little drab?  Is it missing a certain something you can’t quite put your finger on?  What about adding a Casablanca ceiling fan?  You might be surprised at the result.

When we think ceiling fans, we often think boring, drab, brown, perhaps a little bulky, and certainly nothing that could incorporate the stylistic influences of your space.  That’s where we’re all wrong.  Here at Crescent Harbor, we carry an assortment of unique and high-quality Casablanca .  No matter what size your space, and no matter what style you want to introduce, we have the perfect ceiling fan for you.

02 Apr 2015

How to Choose the Best Ceiling Fan for Your Needs

While many other things constantly change in interior design “philosophy”, few elements have withstood as much or as long as ceiling fans. Once in a while, someone would come out calling ceiling fans ugly, and then others would contradict that, and then history will repeat itself again and again. Whatever the current opinion about the ceiling fans may be, thousands of people still opt for them every day, and at Crescent Harbor we personally meet and interact with many of these clients.

02 Mar 2015

Modern Fan Company – A Fan to Beautify Your Home

Ceiling Fans are widely used in all over the world and good looking fans are now considered an integral part of room decor. Fans need to be energy efficient otherwise as, when utilized properly, they can actually significantly reduce one’s electrical bill while at the same time providing a great deal of comfort to one’s home. Therefore, good looks, utility, affordable price, and energy efficiency are the hallmarks of quality ceiling fans.

20 Nov 2014

Minka Aire Ceiling Fans Relaxes You During Hot Sunny Day

It goes without saying that ceiling fans are one of the primary requirements in any home or office. It can give relief from excessive heat, and therefore, getting the best quality fan is essential. With change in season, there is change in fashion trends. Even fans undergo changes in fashion not only in terms of looks, but also in terms of the services they offer. While you are looking forward to getting a new fan for your new home, you should research well so that you are successful in selecting the most suitable option. There are hosts of companies from where you can purchase fans.

22 Apr 2014