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Caring for Your Surya Rugs

Surya rugs are known for their beauty.  Each rug is handmade, ensuring that no two are exactly the same.  These rugs are showpieces in homes, accenting rooms with their beauty and design.  Knowing how to properly care for your Surya rug will ensure that it will continue to look as beautiful as the day you purchased it.

Regular Care

While your Surya rug can be vacuumed, beater bars are not recommended.  They can catch on your carpet threads causing them to get pulled out.   Whenever possible, use a handheld vacuum without a beater bar.  If this is not possible, turn off the motorized bar while cleaning this unique carpet.  If your vacuum does not have a feature to turn off the beater bar, then tune it to the highest rug setting and observe that it does not catch on the threads.  Do not vacuum over loose threads as they can get caught in the motor.  The type of vacuum does make a difference as well.  Canister varieties are preferred as upright vacuums have a much higher suction power and are more likely to cause less damage.  Do not vacuum the fringes around the edge of your carpet.  Vacuum both sides of reversible rugs to ensure that all dirt and grime is removed.  A simple manual sweeper is ideal for carpets that are placed in less busy areas.

Spot Cleaning

Food and other items will occasionally spill on your rug, especially in homes with children and pets.  To avoid stains, immediately remove excess food with a blunt edge.  The back edge of a dull dinner knife works well in these situations.  Follow up immediately by spot cleaning the area.  Use a damp and dye free cloth to dab at the spill until it is removed.  Do not rub it as this will cause it to work deeper into the fabric.  Once the spill has been removed, follow up by dabbing with a dry paper towel to soak up any excess water.  Timing is crucial with spill marks.  For stubborn ones, a small amount of dish soap can be mixed with cold water to aid in the cleaning.  They must be cleaned immediately to avoid turning into a stain.  Do not use harsh cleaners or bleach on your Surya rug as this will ruin the fibers and damage your carpet.

Final Pointers

Your rug will stay in pristine condition with proper care and maintenance.  Ensure that any cleaning job is only done by a professional rug cleaner.   A rug cleaning process is quite different from a carpet cleaning process and the difference is vital to the life of your carpet.

New rugs will shed until they are worn in.   Shag rugs may always have a small amount of shedding.  This is due to the nature of the materials used. If you do notice a loose fiber, it can be clipped with normal household scissors to prevent it from catching and causing further damage.

If you have further questions about the care of your rug or would like to know of available rugs for purchase, Crescent Harbor Modern has a wide variety of rugs for sale and an efficient knowledge staff that are happy to help.  With hundreds of designs available, they can work with you to help you choose the perfect rug to help accent your home.

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