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Buying the Right Ceiling Fan for your Home

A ceiling fan can add a great deal to the ambience of your home. That’s good news because they are also a very functional, practical, and essential appliance to help you out with the heat in the summer. Buying the right ceiling fan is only difficult because of the amount of choice that ceiling fans give you, and at Crescent Harbor, there are many lines to choose from, including Casablanca Ceiling Fans and Monte Carlo Ceiling Fans. If you need some ideas on how to choose the best one for you and your home, here are some things you should be looking for when you shop for a ceiling fan.

Ceiling FanCrescent Harbor carries ceiling fans from companies like The Casablanca Ceiling Fan Company and Monte Carlo Ceiling Fans. Both provide exceptional style and quality for all budgets and tastes. The cost of the ceiling fan, and choosing the right one for your budget, depends on how much the ceiling fan needs to do.

Ceiling fans are a money-saver once installed because they save on energy costs. Ceiling fans keep the area cool in the summer, and they also warm the space in the winter by pushing the warm air that rises to the ceiling back down again. However, be careful to choose the right size of fan for the space because the size of the fan, the number of blades, and the length of the blades will all affect how hard the fan must work in order to move the air. A fan that is too large will waste energy, but one that is too small for the space will not be able to efficiently cool a very large space. One great example of a small ceiling fan for a small indoor space is the Starlet by the Casablanca Ceiling Fan Company; it’s an attractive but powerful fan that is under 36 inches.

Ceiling fans also do exceptional work outdoors—but remember that the fans that are going to be used in outdoor spaces must be designed for use in these spaces because they will be exposed to all elements for long times. For example, look at the Monte Carlo Ceiling Fan Cozumel Outdoor Fan, which is great for outdoor use and is rated for wet locations with rain, ocean spray, snow, and water. The moisture-resistant motor housing and all-weather blades allow these fans to perform under any conditions. Place these fans in exposed decks and patios.

Another factor to consider that will change the ceiling fan that you buy is the lighting that will accompany the fan. Many fans, like the Strasburg Monte Carlo Ceiling Fan in Tuscan Bronze, come with a light in the center, giving the location a dual purpose and changing how the fan will be operated. Many have a pull chain or a wall switch to turn them on and off, but some may also be designed with remotes to control both the light and the fan speeds.

The right ceiling fan can really make a difference to the look of your home. Take time to look at all the choices and make some decisions before you buy. Adding a ceiling fan is a great way to remodel your existing indoor or outdoor space and give it a completely different feel. Choosing a fan from Crescent Harbor’s array of Casablanca Ceiling Fans and Monte Carlo Ceiling Fans lets you choose personality and style—and with that change, you can completely bring any new theme or feeling to your space at any budget.

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