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How to Buy Onion Lighting Fixtures for Your Home

Onion lights are called so because they are made in a shape resembling an Onion. The design of these fixtures has withstood the test of time, as in previous days these onion-shaped lanterns were used in lighthouses as well as in fishing vessels for supplying dim light on the water surface. In the 1800s these onion shaped lights were used also in whaling ships. Because of their broad use of glass a clear, consistent illumination can be provided. The metallic ring/cage is generally added for extra protection of these lights, and so as not to disturb the disbursement of light.

Why they are called onion

Gone are those days when onion lighting was mostly made of spherical, onion-shaped glass globes where the glass coverage presents a total protection from wind, rain, and sea spray with the whale oil flames that are used for creating light. The metallic components of the light are made in a way that the cage around the glass bowl provides its support as well as contributes in its durability. However, in modern days the oil lamp has been replaced by electric bulb and the peg into a mounting plate, opulently decorated with either a hook, or with scroll, or with bracket. Quality onion lights are also made with brass and copper as to ensure that they will last under the toughest of conditions.

The versatility

Onion lights are certainly a retro type of lighting fixtures but they are also uniquely suitable for modern room décor, whether indoors or outdoors! These lantern shaped lights are most often used as outdoor lights also as their construction can withstand the highly variable weather outside, whereas inside they can add a classic vintage look. Their versatility is one of the reasons behind the popularity of these lighting fixtures.

Different types of onion lights are available and they are all useful in unique ways. These lights are never mounted on the highest height of the wall but in the middle of the wall reach so they not only provide adequate illumination, but make it quite easy to change the bulbs as well.

Different variants

Onion lighting models are traditionally referred with other names, such as onion lamp and onion lantern, as people generally refer to wall mounted fixtures as online lamps and hanging lights as onion lanterns, although there is no universal rue to this. Several manufactures make these onion lights as there is a good demand of these beautiful lighting fixtures.

Available in different sizes

Onion lights mostly offer a historic look as well as a large variety of sizes and mounting options, ensuring that you do not have to sacrifice looks for functionality. Most of the brands in the market have both smaller and larger fixtures and with different mounting options so regardless of your style choices, you will find something that works for your space and needs. Based on the location, one can install some smaller lights in the portico and hallways whereas you can install bigger onion lamps/lanterns in garage, drive way or in the garden.

Produces classic colours

These lighting fixtures are found in different metallic colour options. These are black, Verde green, raw brass, bronze and a few other finishes. Most of the quality manufacturers offer handmade onion lights, which can be more expensive but they offer immaculate splendour and truly unmatched durability.

In case you are looking for quality onion lights, you can browse our online store and can find an excellent selection of finest onion lights from the best manufacturers in the market in a wide variety of price ranges.

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