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The Benefits of Besa Lighting

Light Up Your Life

Put simply, Besa lighting fixtures are imaginative, versatile and cutting edge. With unique glass designs that feature all sorts of stunning colors, innovative patterns, and modern designs, Besa creates one-of-a-kind, signature pieces that will brighten up any room and let you showcase your home — and your unique sense of style — to the world. While Besa lighting is focused on originality and innovation, it is not an exclusive line of lighting fixtures.  Besa designs are designed for everyone. No matter the style or budget, Besa offers beautiful and modern lighting fixtures for every taste at affordable price points.

Besa Lighting offers a wide variety of fixtures for indoor and outdoor lighting, including pendants and sconces for every room of your home (or your backyard, patio, veranda, etc.). Plus, because Besa Lighting carries such an extensive line of lighting fixtures, there are so many options to choose from that you’ll be able to find the perfect fixture — or multiple fixtures — to match any design vision.

Functional Beauty

Besa lighting is all about glass – handblown glass, that is. Their mission is to combine and harmonize functional light with beauty so that each lighting fixture is not only stunningly rendered, but is also equally functional. From gorgeous ceiling fixtures to sophisticated wall luminaires, each Besa piece is handcrafted to perfection — perfectly beautiful and perfectly useful! Plus, working directly with glass artisans, Besa uses traditional glass designs and blends them with modern and contemporary designs for a result that is stunning as well as artful, contemporary, and vintage. As each Besa piece is individually crafted by a glassmaker, Besa pieces are not your average lighting fixtures; rather they are works of art.  Each Besa piece is crafted by the unique spirit, design, and vision of the glassmaker to add a sense of flair, style, and distinctiveness to contemporary lighting.

Besa also offers a variety of energy-efficient options for your lighting needs, including LED or compact fluorescent. That way, you can feel good about switching on your Besa, as it won’t waste energy or cost you a lot of extra money. Besa Lighting is easy on the eyes and easy on the earth (not to mention your wallet).

Quality Products, Quality Service

Besa Lighting prides itself on offering clients only the highest levels of quality and service.  Based in Central Ohio, Besa works closely with its clients to ensure that all of their lighting needs are met, and is committed to building long-term relationships built on trust, commitment and client satisfaction. As each Besa piece is individual, so too does Besa recognize the individuality of its customers, and strives to meet each of their distinct lighting needs.

If you’re looking for unique contemporary lighting for your home or outdoor setting, look no further than Crescent Harbor Modern, we stock all Besa Lighting products. With one of a kind products and high quality service, Besa lighting will be the perfect addition to your home. Add some flair, vibrancy and distinctiveness to your home with artful, stylish, and, of course, energy-efficient and functional designs.

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