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Adorn Your Home with Besa Pendants

Lighting has an essential role in the design and function of a space and therefore is integral in the concept planning and interior design of a space. The lighting of a space has both form and function to consider. It changes the mood of a room; it can make a room appear larger or smaller depending on the lighting – the illusion of space is defined by lighted reflected off of the surfaces of the walls; it can create an intimate or public space; and it can work to define the function of the space by both the type and layout of the lighting.


Functionality is a key role of lighting in any space – it serves a purpose and defines the function of the space. They type of lighting chosen will not only further define this function, but will also act to create the mood and characteristics of the space. For example, a grand chandelier is often used in larger, open foyers and entranceways because they provide a direct source of illumination, can be a centerpiece for the space and can add an element of elegance or the wow factor to a space – given an incredible first impression.  A room that will be used for a more intimate activity such as relaxing and reading a book may rely less on direct overhead lighting and more on smaller, table top or directed lighting. Wall lights may add length and size to a smaller entryway.

Pendant lighting

Pendant lighting can add a contemporary, modern look to any space while ensuring maximum function. Pendant lights are often displayed in high traffic areas, over bars, kitchen islands or in any space where there is a high ceiling and the client wants a greater visual impact than basic potlights. One of the most exciting aspects of pendant lighting is the options and variety available – size, shape and color vary tremendously. Some manufacturers, such as Besa lighting, have developed a modern light fixture with unique glass designs that use all sorts of colors, patterns, and designs.

If you are looking for a great variety in lighting, particularly in Besa Mini pendants, come check out Crescent Harbor Modern. We have been in business for 40 years with a focus on offering our own take on the modern lighting. We are a privately held and family owned company, committed to providing our customers with quality modern lighting at a fair price. We pride ourselves on providing you, the client, with affordable modern lighting options and solutions that look both high end and in some situations hand crafted Italian-inspired fixtures that are both functional and look like a work of art. At Crescent Harbor Modern, We consider the function of each of our lights and then work with you to understand your style and desired impact. We will show you popular styles of modern lighting that will work in any environment. Contact us at 888-355-9525 to get started today.

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