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5 Tips to Choose From Northeast Lantern Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Is your yard too dark and your worried about your safety at night? One solution is to hang outdoor lighting fixtures because they offer security. An added bonus is that they can also add to the landscaping of your property. Bright lighting outside is a deterrent for would-be burglars because it puts them in the spotlight, so to speak, and they obviously don’t want that.

Outdoor Lighting Choices

You can go for traditional looking outdoor lighting fixtures that are plain; or you can go for a look that takes you back to a simpler time. Northeast Lantern is one of the best companies that designs high-quality, durable la

nterns with a unique look – an 18th century reproduction lantern.

Northeast Lantern’s Creations

For 25 years, Northeast Lantern has created elegant outdoor lighting fixtures. Below is how they do it:

•  Their lanterns are cut from sheets of brass or copper

•  Then they are soldered and finished

•  Next, they are wired and glassed by hand

If you want to add some mystique to your yard while also getting peace of mind, here are five quick tips to help you choose the best Northeast Lantern for your outdoor lighting fixture needs.

Northeast Lantern come in different sizes, finishes, designs, and glass options:

1. Sizes: They come in a variety of shapes and sizes – onion, round onion, post and wall lanterns.

2. Material: You can get your lantern in brass or copper, allowing you to pick what will enhance the look of your yard the best. There are different colors to choose from such as antique brass, or wall copper.

3. Finish: There are 8 finishes to choose from. It’s important to note that all Northeast Lantern lighting fixtures have hand-crafted finishes. Meaning they do not use powder, paint or lacquer on any of their lanterns. So they don’t flake, peel or rust and, instead, age naturally. It doesn’t matter how long you own one of these products, they will always maintain their beauty.

4. Design: There are different designs. For example, the nautical lantern design provides vertical rays when you walk by it, for a marine look.

5. Glass Options: You can choose different looks such as clear seedy, optic, seedy marine, or clear. Each has a different look, for example, optic seedy glass globes have slight differences in bubble count or ripple variations. Each lantern is hand-blown, which is what makes each one unique.

Where are you going to put your outdoor lantern? Near the pool, perimeter or on the side of your house?

As with anything, it’s best to be prepared before you start shopping. Decide on a general idea of what look and feel you want with your outdoor lighting. Do you want vertical, clear glass, seedy marine, etc.?  Once you have a vision of what will suit your needs the best, then you can start shopping. You don’t want to get side tracked, which often leads to buying stuff you don’t need or want.

At Crescent Harbor, we take pride in offering our consumers options for their lighting needs. If you want to use these tips to choosing lighting fixtures from Northeast Lantern you can start by visiting our online lighting stores.

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