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4 Great Reasons to Shop for Home Lighting Fixtures by Arroyo Craftsman

Throughout the world, there are shoppers and non-shoppers. Shoppers look for any reason to spend time in stores or malls. They shop for themselves, their children, friends and parents, happily spending hours browsing for clothes, shoes, accessories and items for the home. Non-shoppers have a list, will grudgingly head to the store when no other choice or excuse presents itself and will be in and out of one store with their item in an hour or less. Whether you are a shopper or non-shopper, there are great reasons to shop for home lighting fixtures.

Changing Your Look

All good things must come to an end. Changing out old fixtures for new, modern ones is necessary to keep your house and your head space in touch with the world the way it is now. Maybe you’ve just bought a new house and the previous owners were die-hard antique lovers. If stained glass isn’t your thing, then try a new crystal chandelier or something with a modern influence. There are hundreds of varieties of lights. Maybe the dog knocked over your bedroom lamp and it broke – even a non-shopper has to replace a lamp every now and again. New also means energy efficient these days.

Relationship Counseling

It is amazing how much of a difference a home upgrade can do for your relationship. Take bathrooms for instance. Marriages have been lost for less; fighting over toothpaste habits or mirror space can be hard on a couple. If you have decided to change out your single sink for a double, you can add two mirrors and two light fixtures, as well as some extra cupboard space. Shopping for home lighting fixtures will help brighten up the room and make it easier to face the morning, together.

Upgrade the Kitchen

Changing out tired old countertops and replacing a tile backsplash can have a huge impact on the look and feel of the kitchen as a whole. It’s easy now to replace flooring with new tile or even vinyl that looks like tile. Even painting the existing cabinetry will make a big difference to the room, as will changing out knobs and handles. It does give a good excuse to shop for new lighting fixtures to change view too.

Replacing a Fixture

Many people view the idea of changing out home lighting with trepidation. It’s not as hard as people think. Start by shutting off the power to the fixture, use a screwdriver to remove the old screws, and then disconnect the wiring to the old fixture, making a note of where each wire is connected. Match the wiring with the new fixture to the old one and then check if it works by turning the power back on. If you’re successful, turn off the power, finish installing the fixture and turn the power back on again. Celebrate your decision to shop for new home lighting fixtures with a cold beverage.

At Crescent Harbor ( ) we sell home lighting fixtures by Arroyo Craftsman and a number of other respected names in the business. There is a vast selection of pendants, wall sconces, and outdoor lighting for you to choose from Arroyo Craftsman. We have something to suit every need and taste – even for non-shoppers. If you need a reason to shop for home lighting fixtures, look no further than Crescent Harbor!

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