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3 Reasons Handmade Lighting is Your Best Bet

If you’re looking for a classic look but want a modern design sense, one of your best choices is brass lighting. The right brass lighting, like those from Brass Traditions from Crescent Harbor, combine the classic looks of that we all know and love with a modern spin. They bring the old into the modern world, and the results can be astounding. Here are a few reasons why you should consider brass handmade lighting for your home, office, or outdoor space.

1. Unparalleled Quality

Our products use only the best materials we can possibly find, from our own custom and durable installation kits to high-quality, properly-treated brass components. Our homemade lighting never sacrifices quality for quantity, so that our customers get pieces that they can feel proud for owning. And because of the quality craftsmanship, our lighting fixtures can last longer than the competition, so you can enjoy them for much, much longer.

2. Made in America

All of our Brass Traditions are made in America. This not only supports local communities and helps keep jobs in America, but having our pieces made in America means we can work with some of the world’s best designers and manufacturers. Our creators know what our customers will love because they live with them, work with them, and see what trends are happening right now. Having local make our products means we can make things for people living just down the street, and besides reducing transport costs, having our products made in America is the best way to get the quality homemade lighting people expect from Brass Traditions.

3. Modern Spins on Traditional Looks

Brass handmade lighting must strike a balance between classic aesthetics and modern use. It’s a difficult set of rules to follow, but the results can be simply incredible. As lighting has changed, so have the requirements made of our brass fixtures, and they all combine a modern aesthetic while still keeping the elements of brass lighting that everyone loves. Our indoor fixtures, for example, borrow from contemporary design looks, which are often made using chrome and glass, and give them a classic spin using specialized brass. The look is at once old and new, traditional and contemporary, and unlike the usual fixtures you’ll find indoors.

4. One of a Kind Designs

Since all our products are homemade, they each contain a unique sense that you won’t find anywhere else. With brass especially, these minor changes help create the fixture’s unique character, which will ensure your piece is the only one like it in the entire world.

Brass lighting is a beautiful and classic look that requires an attention to detail and commitment to quality. They can’t be made with a single corner cut, which is why Brass Traditions is dedicated to creating only the best homemade lighting fixtures possible. We make our products in the United States using the best designers we can find. The results are a contemporary twist on the honored classics, and one of our pieces is sure to turn some heads. So if you’re looking for something that’s the best of the old and the new, consider Brass Traditions lighting from Crescent Harbor.

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