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All About Hudson Valley Sconces

The fact that you are likely reading this online testifies to how ingrained our culture’s transient and casual consumption habits are; this cultural behavior is supported by the ephemerality of the objects that we consume—from information online to more or less disposable material goods. But for all that, it shouldn’t be a luxury to own a well-made, heirloom-grade piece of consumer-wear. This is particularly true of one’s own home—possibly the least fleeting of material goods in our lives, and one that can be passed on down through the generations to remain a fixed site of beauty in one’s community. It makes sense to furnish your home with pieces that will endure just as timelessly and heartily as your house. Lighting falls into that odd category that neither really belongs to furniture nor to fixed structural features: lighting helps both to make a space and to make a space seen. To make the most out of your investment in lighting décor, you must make sure to choose the type of lighting instalment that best suits your home—be that a Hudson Valley sconce, a floor lamp, a chandelier, pot lights, or a combination of these.


What are your lighting options?

Each of these options speaks to its own potential location, however; and selecting a lighting option based on where you hope to throw light, and on what, should influence your lighting installation. For example, pot lights often do their best work when an object or space directly below the light needs to be illuminated—such as a painting or a kitchen space. On the other hand, a wall-mounted Hudson Valley sconce can cast light in a 360-degree field around itself, fanning vertically up, down, to both sides, or providing a combination of these options. Wall sconces furthermore add a more refined and subtle sense of ambiance to liminal and transitional places in the home—such as the hallway, the entranceway, or on the staircases—areas that would otherwise lack their own sense of character.

So, Sconces—So What?

What’s more is that, unlike some other mounted lights, such as pot lights and chandeliers, Hudson Valley sconces offer a degree of aesthetic and elegance comparable to furniture, along with the typically modular installation of furniture as well. So replacing and moving sconces around your home as the lay, décor, and mood of the house changes is easy. And speaking of easy, not only can the light cast by sconces range more freely than other lighting installations—from the diffuse to the direct—but often, wall-mounted units are also significantly easier to install in the first place (over chandeliers and pots, which require ceiling wiring and scaffolding or a ladder to install).

Now that summer has arrived, it is the perfect opportunity to throw open those shutters and doors, let the light in, and make some additions to your home. Whether you are planning on going for a more current look or a traditional Williamsburg vibe, it is always key to have the light-fixtures to match, and Hudson Valley sconces ( are surely the most versatile option. Not only does good lighting make your house into a home, but it will also demonstrate confidence and pride in that home to others.

30 Jun 2018

Three Ways to Choose the Perfect Pendant Light

It is the small things in life that truly matter, especially when you are designing or renovating a space. We all know that lighting has a big impact and can really define a room, but so does the design of the fixture itself. Hubbardton Forge pendant lights come in many shapes, sizes, and styles, but how do you pick the right one? There are three components to consider when shopping for your next Hubbardton Forge pendant light.


1. Functionality

The first step to picking the right light fixture for your room is first deciding what lighting you need. Once you have decided, you can choose the size and type of your Hubbardton Forge pendant. There are four main categories for lighting: task, ambient, accent, and decorative.

If the room you are designing has multiple large windows, then you might not require a lot of lighting during the day; rather, you should consider task lighting. Task lighting targets and illuminates a specific area. If you are trying to illuminate the whole room, which is common, then you want ambient lighting. Accent lighting is used as a tool to highlight a design feature or an art piece. And finally, decorative lighting exists purely for aesthetic purposes, whether it is the Hubbardton Forge pendant itself or the shadows the lighting creates.

2. Decor

The next component of choosing the right fixture is incorporating it into your decor. There is an endless variety of decor options, and there are a variety of hubbardton forge pendants that can pair beautifully with any design style. Mid-century has been one of the biggest home decor trends of the year. This decor style features a lot of wood and gold accents mixed in with rich textures and colors, such as velvet and navy. Choose a pendant that is either circular or has overlapping lines. Industrial and urban are sleek and clean with a lot of steel and distressed wood. For this style, choose a pendant with dramatic bulbs. Rustic, nautical, and farmhouse are all very similar in style; their color palettes feature similar shades. Neutral-colored Hubbardton Forge pendants ( that have intricate line work or that are square in shape blend well with all three styles.

3. The Room

The room you are designing also determines the type of Hubbardton Forge pendant you will choose. If you are decorating a dining room, consider a large and extravagant pendant that can stand alone as an art piece. It will attract the eye and can be used as a conversation starter at a dinner party. When it comes to the kitchen, and even the bathroom, you want to choose a pendant that is open-bottomed and aims downwards so you can highlight the counter and stove tops. A pendant with multiple bulbs is the best way to achieve this. Entry ways, living rooms, and bedrooms require ambient lighting. While a smaller, single-bulbed fixture is not strong enough to provide this, you can incorporate other lighting elements, such as lamps, into these rooms if you do not want a large pendant. Decorative lighting is best for rooms that have high ceilings because these pendants can create interesting shadows that draw your eyes upwards.

To check out a selection of these types of Hubbardton Forge pendants and more, visit Crescent Harbor today.

29 Jun 2018

Everything About Casablanca Ceiling Fans

With the summer upon us with its hot temperatures, you may be thinking of energy efficient methods of keeping your home cool, but still stylish. Ceiling fans can offer your home a glimpse of style and luxury while giving you the utility of better air circulation that can keep the heat under control in your home. But with so many styles and types on the market, how can you decide on what will be right for your living spaces? Casablanca ceiling fans offer a variety of styles and colors to match your decor, from indoor to outdoor fans, and fans with or without lighting. If you are looking for a ceiling fan for your home, look no further than Casablanca ceiling fans for their exceptional quality and timeless design appeal.

Indoor Fans Adding Style to Your Home

Indoor fans are a great way to add style and a luxurious feel to any room in your home. In the living room, where you may be entertaining guests during the summer, you’ll find that a Casablanca ceiling fan will add style, but it will also give you the added energy efficient air circulation to keep your guests comfortable for the whole evening. Not only that, but getting a ceiling fan with a light also will give you an extra luminous glow to your room. In your bedroom, a ceiling fan will be able to help you get a good night’s sleep on a warm summer night, circulating the air with minimal noise.

Outdoor Fans for Your Patio

When looking at ceiling fans, you’ll often only think of the indoor uses for them, but there are outdoor options for your open decks and patios, too. With an outdoor fan, you’ll give your outdoor living space the feel of a luxury resort for when you are out enjoying the evenings with a good book or entertaining your friends with a backyard party. A Casablanca outdoor ceiling fan will give you an outdoor location to rest up from the heat of the day for a while, or one that will soothe you during the evening while you enjoy some good BBQ.

Options Available for your Ceiling Fan

Casablanca ceiling fans give you many different options for style, color, lighting, etc. When you are choosing a ceiling fan, you may find you want different sized fans for different rooms or settings. You can choose from as low as 36” wide fans up to well over 58” wide fans, depending on the size of the area you want to add air circulation to. As well, depending on your tastes, you may want a different number of blades—anywhere from three to six blades. And make sure if you are placing your fan outdoors, you get an outdoor-specific design; they are made to handle the extra strain of the outdoor elements. Various designs and material looks are available to choose from with Casablanca ceiling fans; to match your décor, you may want a wood grain, silver, white, nickel, or gold fan. As well, you can choose a ceiling fan that hugs the ceiling more if you want the extra open space in your living area.

Visit Crescent Harbor to check out a vast selection of Casablanca ceiling fans ( to fit your home today.

28 Jun 2018

Seagull Lighting Pendants – Beautiful, functional and versatile

What’s special about choosing pendant lights to illuminate your home? Pendants have become a very popular choice for many reasons, and Seagull Lighting pendants offer an excellent selection. Browse through and you will find what you are looking for. However, if you are not sure if pendant lights are the right choice, then read on to learn a bit more about what sets pendant lights apart from other lighting choices.


They are elegant, but that doesn’t make them chandeliers

Pendant lights are versatile; they fit in more spaces than a chandelier would, and yet they can have the same kind of lighting effect at a much lower cost. They can be as large or small as they are needed to be. Seagull Lighting pendants ( are casual and elegant at the same time, and they have a great variety of style that makes them appropriate for any small space in the home that requires a targeted, warm light source. They look great in the hallway, and they look great over a workspace. Of course, if you want a chandelier as well as a pendant light in your home, Seagull Lighting has pendants, sconces, and chandeliers in the same lighting collections, so matching is easy.

Pendant lights do have specific areas where they go best

Pendant lights hang from the ceiling and provide a warm and focused light to a specific area. Where chandeliers diffuse a warm light broadly across a wide area, pendant lights are for workspaces or areas that require concentrated light. They can light up a dark corner to welcome your guests, like this hallway pendant from Seagull Lighting, or they can hang over a table top or an easy chair in the living room, like this Seagull Lighting pendant. Pendant lights are always an attractive focal point.

Think about the light

Pendant lights come in different materials and finishes that make a difference to how the light is diffused. Seagull Lighting pendants come in bronze, chrome, gold, brass, or cast-iron finishes, and with different kinds of bowls, or shades, in clear glass, white glass, or fabric. Shades serve as light diffusers, so the type of shade determines the ambience. Even pendant lights can give a strong, white light if that is what is needed. Just be sure that is what the space requires.

Other things to consider, when choosing the right pendant for the space, is the height of the ceiling. You need to know that to determine the length of the chain on the Seagull Lighting pendant. For a high ceiling, look for a pendant with a long cord so the light is not too far overhead. However, over a desk or table, the chain should not hang too low, or people will be tempted to duck down when they come near it. In both situations, the length of the chain affects the amount of light the pendant gives. Don’t forget, the most important thing about your lighting fixture is the light that it gives.

Seagull Lighting pendants will meet your needs, and Crescent Harbor can provide you with support and a wide range of choices to help you find the best light for your home.

27 Jun 2018

Casablanca Ceiling Fans – Not all fans are created equal

A ceiling fan is no ordinary temperature control device. It can have lighting as a part of its design, or it can be just as attractive strictly as a design item. In fact, the best ceiling fan, when it is doing its job, isn’t noticed at all. It should blend so well into the decor of its space that, when it is pointed out, it becomes a real ‘wow’ item. How can you know that you have found just the right ceiling fan? Have you noticed how much choice there is available in a ceiling fan? Casablanca Ceiling Fans are a cut above the average in every way because they don’t go light on choice or usefulness. Not all ceiling fans are created equal, and Casablanca ceiling fans prove it by checking off every box you are looking for — before you know what you are looking for.

Casablanca Ceiling Fans

Choosing the fan for the space

Casablanca ceiling fans let the customer think about the space first. Visualize the kind of fan that would be perfect and then pick out one that fits the specifications perfectly from our wide selection of Casa Blanca finishes, sizes, shapes, designs, and blade spans. That’s why not all ceiling fans are created equal. The ceiling fan and the space must give the impression that they were made for each other. Choosing one is an enjoyable task, but there are some standard things to look out for.

Think about the style and color scheme of the room.

How will the room be used? How high is the ceiling? Is the space an indoor space or outdoor? Wet or dry? All these items will make a difference. Don’t choose a Casablanca ceiling fan that shocks or grabs attention. A good ceiling fan is elegant and efficient but is known when it is in the right place.

A good ceiling fan is beautiful and elegant, but more than that, it is efficient and functional. Casablanca ceiling fans ( can cool or heat a space, making them a great tool to save energy. The length of the blade, the number of blades, and the direction and speed the blades spin mean that the fan not only provides movement for cooler air in the summer, but that it can also provide a means of pushing the warm air back down into the room for keeping the space at a comfortable temperature in the winter.

Once size and efficiency have been considered, it is time to think about the price point you would like for the space—and then style and finish. Wood grain, silver, bronze, white, or gold? Which Casablanca ceiling fan will fit best into the design? As well, consider the theme of the room because ceiling fans are high on ambience.

Finally, they don’t have to give way to any other concerns. If the space requires lighting as well as temperature control, look at the fans that include a lighting element so that the space doesn’t have to accommodate two fixtures. For everything you need, consider the wide range of choice that Casablanca Ceiling Fans from Crescent Harbor can give to you.

02 Jun 2018

Elevating Your Outdoor Oasis with a Minka Aire fan

Summer is finally here, and with the warm weather comes weekend getaways, backyard parties, and so many BBQs! There are a few simple tricks to elevate your outdoor space without breaking the bank, including finding the perfect Minka Aire fan to finish off your look!

Minka Aire fan

Yard Maintenance

Mowing the lawn, trimming the hedges, and cleaning up any pesky autumn leaves are quick and efficient ways to increase your home’s curb appeal. The less clutter, the better. So we recommend creating a blank canvas by removing any broken lawn furniture and forgotten decor from sight. The first step can always be a little overwhelming, so it is best to start slow. Focus on one area of your yard before moving on to the next. Soon, you’ll have a perfect summer oasis right outside your house, complete with a new Minka Aire fan that will create the illusion of being in a tropical resort.


Once you have rolled up your sleeves and cleansed your backyard of summers past, it’s time to start planning how to decorate your blank canvas. Picking a single decor style, and creating a cohesive palette is not an easy task, but you don’t want to mix and match too much. The more unified your decor style is, the more relaxing it is on the eyes and brain. And we want to make sure this space is as relaxing as possible. The first step to finding your perfect decor is to pick your colors, and the materials you want to incorporate into the space. You can choose a classic decor style with a farmhouse feel, or a bright and over-the-top festival feel. Whichever decor you decide on, Minka Aire fans come in an assortment of textures and finishes that can easily blend into any outdoor decor style.


It is best to have a thrifty eye when it comes to outdoor furniture. With a simple coat of paint and a few minor repairs, you can easily incorporate old furniture with your new pieces. As long as you stick to similar color palettes and materials, your mix and matched furniture will feel like one happy collection. A metal table can easily be paired with wooden chairs and a variety of contemporary Minka Aire fan designs. Accessories can also go a long way – pillows, lighting, and unique plant pots can really bring a space together.

Create a Focal Point

The last step to achieving your luxury staycation destination is creating a focal point. Your focal point should be an investment, something you know will last over a long period of time so you and your family can make the most out of it. An outdoor Minka Aire fan is a combination of form, function, and design that can withstand harsh exterior elements but is still pleasing to the eye. Whether your color palette consists of dark woods and bright pops of color, or light woods and jewel tone decor, Minka Aire fans ( have endless options for shapes and colors.

01 Jun 2018

What Makes Troy Lighting Fixtures So Special?

When it comes to lighting fixtures, most homeowners are looking for pieces that look amazing, will last a long time, and won’t break the bank. With these qualities in mind, Troy Lighting has crafted an incredible line of fixtures that are perfect for any home and decor choices. It is why Troy Lighting chandeliers, sconces, and other pieces have become so popular.

Troy Lighting

Established in 1063, Troy Lighting has been creating beautiful and unique lighting fixtures for homes and offices for over 50 years. They arrived on the scene with a commitment to “the pursuit of excellence, a design-driven culture, attention to ever-changing environmental considerations, and commitment to the highest possible quality.” You can see this commitment in every single piece that they create, from their gorgeous Troy Lighting chandeliers ( to their simple and stunning sconces. But what makes their chandeliers so popular? Here are a few reasons why people are choosing Troy Lighting for their most commanding lighting fixtures in their homes.

1. Pieces that Stand Out

While many types of lighting fixtures exist to provide light and blend into the decor, this is simply not the case with a chandelier. Commanding, beautiful, and central fixtures in any decor scheme, chandeliers need to make an incredible first impression. Troy Lighting chandeliers take this idea to beautiful limits with unique and gorgeous designs that command attention.

2. Prices that Anyone Can Afford

Troy Lighting chandeliers are not only gorgeous and able to stand the test of time, but they are also incredibly beautiful pieces that almost anyone can afford. It is part of the company’s commitment to quality and affordability, and their pieces have a wide range of pricing to suit the needs of individual consumers. So if you are looking for a simple-yet-elegant piece for your dining room, or for a commanding chandelier for the front entryway, there is a piece for you in their collection. And it won’t break the bank.

3. Unique Materials for Unique Looks

When most people think of chandeliers, they think of imposing metal pieces often accentuated with glass. Troy Lighting chandeliers, however, are adventurous in their designs and materials, ranging from imposing and gorgeous wooden designs to contemporary takes on the familiar. If you love the rustic stylings of a wooden piece, there is a wide range that combines with other materials for something completely different. If you are a fan of the contemporary combination of chrome and black, you can also find a wide range of pieces. If this line of chandeliers has a defining characteristic, it’s the willingness to use the unconventional to create pieces that feel familiar yet look entirely new.

Troy Lighting has been creating unique and beautiful lighting fixtures for over 50 years, combining an adventurous style with a willingness to create beauty that fits any budget. If you are looking for your next chandelier, be sure to check out our line of Troy Lighting chandeliers. There will be something that fits your space, décor, and budget, and it will command attention for years to come.

31 May 2018

Energy Efficient Decorative Light Fixture and Ceiling Fans by Seagull Lighting

Whether you are moving into a new home or looking to renovate a home you’ve been in for a long time, lighting is a very important aspect of your home decor that you want to get right. There are many types of lighting options available, and it can be very overwhelming to be able to try to choose. If you are looking for lighting for a hallway, dining room, kitchen island, or for several other locations, then Seagull Lighting Pendants might be what you are looking for.

Seagull LightingWhat is a Pendant Light?

Seagull Lighting Pendants are lighting fixtures that are suspended from the ceiling, either by a rod, cord, or a chain. Pendant lighting fixtures can be made up of multiple lights to form a pattern as part of a singular enclosure, or they can be just a single light fixture. There are many types of pendant lights, depending on the size, shape, and materials you are looking for them to be made out of. You might be looking for mini-pendants, multi-light pendants, chandelier style pendants, historic carriage lights, or you may decide based on direct or indirect lightning solutions.

Where to use a Pendant Light

Seagull Lighting Pendants can be used almost anywhere in your house, depending on whether you need it for task lighting, general lighting, or decorative lighting. Most often, they are used in entryways and hallways in a house, but these days, they can also be found in kitchens, dining rooms, billiard rooms, or even a home office.

Hallway Lighting

Seagull Lighting Pendants add a certain level of sophistication and bold style to any hallway or entryway in a home. When providing adequate lighting to the entryway into your home, you should try to choose an entryway pendant lighting fixture that is warm and inviting, and if you have a long hallway after your entryway, try spacing out identical fixtures equally down the entire hallway. If your entryway is a foyer, a single large pendant should be adequate, and if it’s a multi-story foyer, then a chandelier hanging at the midpoint between ceiling and floor will add a level of elegance to the home.

Kitchen Pendant Lighting

Kitchens can have many locations that would be suitable for pendant lightning, the best overall being a kitchen island. Seagull Lighting Pendants ( over a kitchen island can provide sufficient task lightning while adding to the charm of the room. Take note that a kitchen island is a high-traffic area of the home, so take that into account when you are deciding how high to place the pendants: 30 to 40 inches above the surface should be sufficient.

Dining Room Lighting

One of the most common locations in a home to place a Seagull Lighting Pendant is in the dining room. Traditionally, you will use a chandelier style pendant fixture, as it is elegant to look at and provides sufficient lighting for the whole table, but you can also use multi-light pendants, depending on your personal taste. To avoid interfering with dining when hanging a pendant lighting fixture over a dining room table, it should be about 36 inches above the surface.

Check out Crescent Harbor right away if you are interested in Seagull Lighting Pendants.

30 May 2018

Minka Aire Fans are Ideal If You’re Looking to Create a Modern Look for Your Home

The soothing breeze of a swirling ceiling fan brings back memories of those leisure-filled summer days before you gave in to the lure of instant relief that air-conditioning offers. But now you find yourself missing the ambiance only a ceiling fan can provide. When you put this together with your desire to create a modern look for your home, you find yourself shopping. If this sounds like you, we’d like to suggest viewing our selection of Minka Aire fans.

Minka Aire Fans to Modernize Any Room

There are many different design choices when it comes to home decor. They’ve evolved over many years as tastes in designs have changed. One item that’s made one of the largest comebacks is the ceiling fan. Its popularity has grown because it completes the sleek decor style of contemporary or classic design. As we mentioned earlier, in this post we’d like to focus on one of today’s more popular contemporary ceiling fans, and that is Minka Aire fans ( They’re the perfect centerpiece for the room you’re decorating because, as you know, the room revolves around the fan. This is even truer in modern home interiors. Choosing the wrong ceiling fan will destroy your artistic vision. This brand focuses on maximum comfort in any size room.

Durability and Affordability of a Minka Fan

This line of fans is made from Koa wood, which is known for it’s extraordinary hardness and interesting history. Another thing you probably have to consider is cost. You want to transform the ambiance in your home and update to it to a more modern design, but you don’t want to have to spend a lot of money on an item that’s fragile and only for show. You need a fan that’s functional as well as stylish. This is one thing that Minke Aire Fans deliver. Their attention to form and function makes it a cost-effective lighting option, too.

Minka Aire Fans Hugger Line

The George Kovacs line of Minka Aire Fans is versatile and can accent any room of your house.  The hugger fan is one of the most popular. For those of you who don’t know what a hugger fan refers to, it’s a fan with a low profile where the motor housing mounts directly to your ceiling. In this selection, there are also flush hugger fans featuring three blade paddles.

The Functionality of Minka Aire Fans and Improved Health

Your health is something to consider, and ceiling fans are the best way to cool the air. They can go in any room in your home where you want to keep the air moving. Unlike air conditioners, ceiling fans don’t affect your health. Another benefit is that fans consume much less electricity than their energy sucking counterparts. At Crescent Harbor, we love helping our customers create new looks for their home décor, inside and out. We take pride in offering high-quality products at economical prices. You shouldn’t have to break the bank for the look you want.  To see our wide selection of Minka Aire fans, you can visit our website.

01 May 2018

Minka Lavery Chandeliers For Every Style of Decor

Whether you prefer classic or rustic, Minka Lavery offers a wide selection of unique designs to illuminate your space and elevate your home! We created a quick guide to finding the right Minka Lavery chandelier to pair with your decor.

Mid Century Modern

The refined lines, minimal ornamentation, and natural shapes of the mid-1900s led to some of the most iconic pieces in modern design. Contrasting materials had a big influence during the mid-century. Metal, glass, vinyl, and plywood were used alongside more traditional materials, such as wood. Color palettes ranged immensely, from neutral to bold palettes and often incorporating black and white graphics. Mid-century has made a comeback with the re-emergence of low-profile furniture and fixtures. Stay on trend with light fixture styles that suit, like the rounded Clarte Minka Lavery chandelier.

Minka Lavery chandeliersIndustrial / Urban

There is a lot of variety when it comes to creating the industrial, urban chic room of your dreams. The elements of the turn-of-the-century industrial era include exposed steel and distressed wood, which are frequently complemented by brick walls and cement floors. To bring this look into the 21st century, add copper-tone accents or keep it authentic by choosing the steel Downtown Eidson Minka Lavery chandelier, complete with dramatically exposed bulb lighting for an authentic feel.


Nautical, sometimes referred to as coastal, decor transports you to a warm and relaxing New England Beach house. The style features a primarily white and sand colored foundation with navy blue as the primary accent color. You can have a lot of fun with decor such as rope, sailboats, maps, seashells, anchors, unfinished wood, and upholstery linen. An iron Raiden Minka Lavery chandelier will balance the room and keep it from coming off as overly themed.


Farmhouse decor is similar to nautical decor because the base-palettes center around white and beige, and they also include distressed wood and linen. However, the interior emulates a French Provence cabin instead of a seaside escape. Natural and rustic elements, like lavender and metal buckets, define the romantic style and can be found throughout the space. Traditional accent colors are light yellow and turquoise, but don’t shy away from bold color schemes. A single or two-tiered Minka Lavery bronze chandelier from the 1730 series with frosted glass adds the perfect dramatic flair to tie it all together.


A truly romantic approach, the neoclassical aesthetic combines luxurious and extravagant finishes with an elegant and charming atmosphere. The colors are similar to that of the Farmhouse: a combination of mild creams, grays, blues, yellows, and green should fill a majority of the room. Black, red, gold, and silver are used in small patches, as well as floral wallpaper. Urns, jugs, large mirrors, flowers, marble, silk, velvet, and moldings emphasizes the dark wood furniture. When it comes to achieving a neoclassic space, choose from a variety of ornate and intricate Minka Lavery chandeliers from the Court or Salon Grand collections.

No matter what your style of choice is, there’s a Minka Lavery Chandelier ( that is waiting to enhance the beauty and décor of your space. Visit Crescent Harbor online today to see our full selection of the light fixtures that will work best in your home.

30 Apr 2018