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Beautiful Lighting Collection by Minka Lavery

One of the most challenging aspects of interior design is finding the right lighting solutions. Not only do light fixtures illuminate the colors and patterns of a home or room, but they also have to tie into the style and, in many cases, complement each other for a more cohesive look. This is why many people are turning to Minka Lavery chandeliers and Minka Lavery pendants for their lighting solutions. Combining unparalleled elegance with quality craftsmanship, the Minka Lavery Collection is fast becoming one of the industry’s leaders.

If you are looking for beautiful lighting to change the look of your home, you will want to check out the offerings by Minka Lavery. Here are just a few reasons why Minka Lavery chandeliers and Minka Lavery pendants are so popular.

Minka Lavery pendants

1. Beautiful, Integrated Design

One of the defining aspects of the entire Minka Lavery lighting collection is its focus on innovative new finishes and materials that blend together in new and exciting ways. Many of their pieces combine together materials you would not think blend together, like the Minka Lavery chandeliers that use paper and brass for a look that combines to create an elegant, rustic feel. The Minka Lavery pendants also blend together unique materials and finishes, such as chrome and glass, to create a stunningly light, airy piece that blends into almost any look.

2. A Piece for Every Look

Since the Minka Lavery Collection uses unique finishes and materials and combines them together, they can actually fit seamlessly into all kinds of decor choices. That means they are perfect for elevating an existing style, or for giving a room just an added touch to make it feel new. Minka Lavery pendants are the perfect choice for adding a little extra flair to a room. The many kinds of Minka Lavery chandeliers, by contrast, are perfect for creating a visual centerpiece in a space, and that can be the start of a major revitalization of your home’s decor.

3. Quality Construction

Every piece in the collection, from the Minka Lavery chandeliers to the Minka Lavery pendants, is made from the highest quality materials and is crafted by gifted designers and artisans. Each piece is built to last so that you can enjoy the look for years and decades to come.

Finding that perfect lighting piece for a room, or finding a group of lighting pieces that all come together, can be a challenge. You need to find pieces that not only have a similar look, but which are also made to the same quality to ensure that the look lasts. Thankfully, Minka Lavery chandeliers and Minka Lavery pendants are the perfect complementary pieces to give your next interior decorating project that perfect look.

Crescent Harbour proudly carries a wide range of Minka Lavery chandeliers and Minka Lavery pendants, all at affordable prices. These pieces combine quality craftsmanship and beautiful design to create pieces that not only illuminate, but that can also completely redefine the look of a space. Be sure to check out our full line of Minka Lavery light fixtures here at Crescent Harbor so you can discover the true potential of a home that lighted by the Minka Lavery lighting collection.

02 Mar 2018

Minka Aire Ceiling Fans – For Maximum Comfort and Unbeatable Prices

Do you wish that you could beat the heat by installing a ceiling fan in your home? Are you worried that the addition of a fan will ruin your otherwise stylish design choices? Fear not! Minka Aire fans are here to save you from your predicament! Combining form and functionality, Minka Aire ceiling fans are as beautiful as they are useful.

Minka Aire ceiling fans

What Makes Minka Aire Fans Special?

With everything from classic to contemporary, Minka Aire fans are designed to suit every lifestyle and design taste. The Minka Aire focus has been on maximum comfort, no matter the size of the room. Have you always wanted a fan in your tiny spare bedroom? How about a fan large enough to span your grand foyer? Minka Aire carries both indoor and outdoor fans, starting as small as 35” and spanning sizes over 58” to accommodate every space inside and outside of your home. Best of all, these fans are simply stunning. Many people think of ceiling fans as being an eyesore. They may be functional, allowing you to achieve comfort and temperature-control within your home, but many designers lament over the necessary evil of installing a ceiling fan. If this is you, Minka Aire fans will exceed your expectations and teach you that even ceiling fans can perfectly complement your décor.

Everything from Rustic to Ultra-Modern

Minka Aire fans span many different design styles, allowing everyone the chance to find a ceiling fan that will work well with the rest of the décor. With Minka Aire, your ceiling fan will not be an exception to the style choices elsewhere in the room. Are you looking for a fan to complement your warm and cozy living room? Perhaps you favor a rustic feel, with accents in wood and plaid? The F905 Artemis XL5 ceiling fan will serve as an exquisite addition to your home. With five 62” blades that are constructed of wood with a distressed finish, this ceiling fan will cool you down just enough to make use of the blankets that are draped across the back of your couch. If the cabin feel isn’t your style, the F853 Aviation ceiling fan offers a chic and modern alternative. Sporting three 60” blades with a brushed nickel finish, this piece looks more like an airplane propeller than a ceiling fan. This Minka Aire fan will look great surrounded by the stainless steel appliances and clean white accents of your contemporary kitchen.

Quality Products at Crescent Harbor

When you choose to purchase a Minka Aire fan from Crescent Harbor, you can rest assured that you are investing in a quality product. We have a large selection of affordable lighting solutions that look like they are high-end, while also carrying handmade lighting fixtures that look like stunning works of art. We have exactly what you need to decorate your home the way that you want. Since we are a family-owned business, we are committed to providing our customers with quality pieces at a reasonable price. We treat our customers like family! We look forward to getting to know you as we work together to make your lighting dreams a reality. Our design professionals are always ready and willing to assist you. Feel free to call us at 1-888-355-9525 to get started.

01 Mar 2018

Seven Reasons Why People Like Troy Lighting Chandeliers and Sconces

Troy lighting is a name that stands out with both homeowners and interior designers. Once you get to know Troy Lighting sconces and chandeliers, it becomes easy to see why.

Troy Lighting Chandeliers

They are Hand forged

Troy Lighting uses the traditional method of hand forging to create their fixtures. When you look at a Troy Lighting chandelier or sconce, each part of its design was created by hand.  This historical method of forging helps to retain both fixture integrity and quality.

Their Unique Designs

It only takes a few moments to see why this company is ahead of its time in design. Using a balanced mix of modern pop culture and rustic art, they produce lighting fixtures that cannot be matched elsewhere.  Troy Lighting Sconces, for example have an extreme modern appeal while still retaining a timeless look that never goes out of style.

They are High Quality

Troy Lighting uses only the highest quality materials in their Troy Lighting chandeliers and sconces.  These materials are then hand forged to their desired shape and style. This technique goes into every light fixture they create. Their combination of high quality materials, combined with their hand forged skills, results in an extremely durable light fixture that can withstand years of use.

They use Unique Materials

While most lighting companies mass produce their fixtures from low cost materials, Troy lighting prides themselves with stepping away from that cliché.  Troy Lighting sconces and chandeliers are made with a high-quality combination of materials, such as iron, textiles, steel, and glass.  These types of materials can withstand air elements much longer then generic stainless steel. This helps to ensure that the Troy Lighting chandeliers and Troy Lighting sconces will withstand the elements of any room that they are placed in.

They Have a Wide Range of Options

The Engineers at Troy Lighting ensure that they are always at the top of their game when it comes to design. This has allowed them to create hundreds of styles of Troy Lighting sconces and Troy Lighting chandeliers. From modern to rustic, there is a light fixture for every size and style of room.  Looking for unique does not mean that you are limited in style.

Something for all Price Ranges

A wide range of styles means a wide range of prices. Whether you are looking for a large-scale Troy Lighting Chandelier for a dining area or a small Troy Lighting sconce for a bathroom, there is fixture that matches your budget.  The combination of styles, mixed with the flexible price range, allows both large-scale companies as well as budget-minded homeowners to be able to own a unique and high-quality piece of art.  Troy Lighting has found the perfect balance of quality and affordability, and this is passed on to you, the customer.

Easy Shopping Experience with Crescent Harbor

When you purchase your Troy Lighting fixture through Crescent Harbor, we make sure your shopping experience is a pleasant one. With free shipping and free returns, you are ensured that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. If you are uncertain if a fixture will work for your space, our customer service representatives are happy to help.  If you receive it and it is not what you are looking for, we can help with that, too. We love our Troy Lighting fixtures: from Troy Lighting chandeliers to Troy Lighting sconces, the love and care that is put into these fixtures shows in the final product. We are excited to be able share this care with you.

28 Feb 2018

How to Redecorate with Hudson Valley Pendants and Hudson Valley Sconces

If you’re looking for great ideas to decorate your home that are inexpensive but elegant, you’ve come to the right place. One of the perfect ways to enhance your home’s décor is with your lighting choices. Below, we’re going to look at Hudson Valley Pendants and Hudson Valley Sconces to see what they can add to any room or hallway.

Hudson Valley Pendants

Hudson Valley Pendants

When you hear the word pendant, you probably envision a necklace with a gem resting on the chest of the wearer, and of course, you’re right. A Lighting pendant is a fixture that hangs from the ceiling. The light is suspended by a chain, cord, or metal rod, creating natural and elegant charm. Thus, the light acts as the gem. These types of light are often hung in multiples over dinette sets or kitchen countertops, and in bathrooms. There are many lighting companies with a pendant line in their collections, so what makes Hudson Valley Pendants stand out? This company’s pendant line is exceptionally versatile. Depending on your style, you can find what you’re looking for. Their pendant collection ranges from conservative to traditional, as well as from traditional to contemporary.

Hudson Valley Sconces

When you picture sconce lighting, think of it as a torch. The lighting fixture is at the top, so the lighting is directed upwards (with exceptions). It’s affixed to the wall, so it only uses the wall for its support. It doesn’t have a bottom base; thus, they need an electrical box installation. You can light up your hallway, bathroom, staircase, doorway entrance, or yard with Hudson Valley Sconces. As well, they’re eye catching when hung around artwork to showcase the art to make it a centerpiece or a fireplace for a comfy and cozy atmosphere.

What makes Hudson Valley Sconces unique is the design and durability. They’re classy because they combine unique design elements.

Hudson Valley Pendants and/or Hudson Valley Sconces

You might be wondering which type of lighting you should choose to decorate your home. You can go with either Hudson Valley pendants or Hudson Valley sconces, or you can use both types of lighting, depending on the scope of your decorating project.  If you’ve ever sat under the glare of fluorescent bulbs, you know that good lighting is important—and that different lighting styles change the mood of a room.

Hudson Valley Pendants wrap functionality into a charming package for workspaces, personal spaces, and to create zones in homes with an open layout or high ceilings. Using accent lighting to decorate a contemporary dining area is a great way to add sparkle and shimmering light with Hudson Valley Sconces. Since they supply ample reading light, you can put a sconce in your bedroom or guest bedroom.

Whichever styling choices you make between Hudson Valley Pendants and Hudson Valley Sconces, or a mixture of two, the ambiance you’re seeking is what’s important.

At Crescent Harbor, we take pride in offering our consumers beautiful lighting at the best prices. To see our wide selection of Hudson Valley Pendants and Hudson Valley Sconces, you can click the links and visit our website.

27 Feb 2018

Hubbardton Forge Chandeliers are Chandeliers for the Future

For 40 years, Hubbardton Forge has been creating masterpiece after masterpiece for your home.  A combination of quality and design have awarded this company with their global reputation.  Not many in this industry can display the workmanship and art that goes into each and every piece that is produced.  Their hand-forged designs are created by tradesmen that love their work and take pride in every piece that they work on.  When it comes to lighting, Hubbardton Forge knows design.  When it comes to chandlers, turn to Hubbardton Forge chandeliers.

Hubbardton Forge chandeliers

The Grande Finale

Chandeliers were originally created with large rooms in mind. Their grand designs and wide sweeping fixtures were created to be the centre of attention.  While the uses have broadened, the large, single room chandlers still demand the full attention of any room they are placed in.  These beautiful works of art are created to decorate and complete a large area.  The Hubbardton Forge Ball Basket 36 Arm Chandelier is no exception.  This magnificent fixture has 36 arms, each holding a candle style bulb.  Its 72″ diameter makes this fixture one of the only fixtures you will need for both lighting and decor. As with all Hubbardton Forge chandeliers, it is hand-forged, made specifically to your order, and it comes in a variety of finishes.

When Small is in Order

It is when it comes to decorating smaller spaces that you can really see how far chandeliers have progressed. There are thousands of beautiful, smaller Hubbardton Forge chandeliers ( available on today’s market.  They both complement and enhance a smaller space or room.  Whether it is to create bathroom lighting or to add a decorative element to a walk-in closet, there are countless options to choose from.  The Hubbardton Forge Triple Corona Pendant is one example of this.  This triple fixture light hangs beautifully in smaller areas. Designed to be longer than it is wide, it creates beautiful lighting without taking up large amounts of space to do so. Its attractive sophistication adds a decorative element to any room without consuming the area around it. The triple fixture design makes it a truly unique fixture to any home it is placed in.

When Ordinary Just Will Not Do

Hubbardton Forge chandeliers really shine when you want something that is truly unique.  The Cirque 8 Light Chandelier is one of these examples. This unique globe both lights and decorates in a way that no other fixture can match.  The design is created to stand out and be a focal point while still matching and accenting its surroundings. It is light fixtures such as these that show individuality and uniqueness to the room—and to the decorator that chose it.

It is easy to see why Hubbardton Forge Lighting is ahead of its industry.  Designed and forged in Vermont, these Engineers and Designers know no bounds.  Forging iron and steel, they strive to create fixtures that will amaze while still using the highest quality of materials available. Made specifically to your order, these fixtures represent one purchase you will not regret buying. At Crescent Harbor, we enjoy seeing the joy these fixtures bring to our customers.  We love the quality and design of Hubbardton Forge chandeliers and are proud to be able to offer them to you.

03 Feb 2018

Why Decorators are Going Crazy for Minka Aire Ceiling Fans

Not many people think of a ceiling fan as a piece of art, but those people have probably never seen the intricate beauty of a Minka Aire ceiling fan. Unlike many of the forgettable ceiling fans that are found throughout the world, Minka Aire has set itself apart with its unique fashion sensibilities and quality constructions. Here are just a few reasons why home owners and decorators alike are going crazy for Minka Aire ceiling fans.

Minka Aire ceiling fans

1. Retro Stylings

Minka Aire ceiling fans first made a name for themselves because of their beautiful and intricate stylings, like something that was carefully made over one hundred years ago. Each ceiling fan takes the best of retro stylings without the usual callbacks and cheap recreations. Instead, Minka Aire prides itself in its ability to carefully recreate what made those nostalgic styles so wonderful while still imbuing them with a modern sensibility. The result: ceiling fans that look like they are family heirlooms without the pricing you find at your local antiques dealer.

2. Contemporary Technology

Minka Aire ceiling fans may take their looks from days gone by, but the technology housed inside is the absolute latest available. The lights found inside many of these fans are the latest halogen bulbs, built to shine brighter while consuming far less energy than conventional iridescent bulbs. The motors, spinning lightweight brushed nickel blades, are compact and powerful, built to rotate consistently and remain powerful for years to come. So while the outside looks like something from the past, what’s inside is almost from the future.

One of the best examples of this blend of contemporary technology and retro stylings is the Minka Aire Traditional Gyro Belcaro Walnut Fan. Rather than being a simple ceiling fan with one motorized fan shooting air straight down, this gyro fan features two fans that point more horizontally. The result is a fan that is actually multiple fans, each blowing air to circulate around the room more effectively. This gyro fan also contains intricately detailed retro stylings that are common in all Minka Aire ceiling fans (, so it looks absolutely stunning while putting a contemporary twist on the classic ceiling that is fan found in many homes around the world.

3. Products that Last

Probably one of the greatest things about Minka Aire ceiling fans is their longevity. This is possible because of two factors: quality construction and quality materials. Each fan is designed with quality materials, including solid brushed steel and nickel that is built to last, and the construction process itself features rigorous testing to ensure that your new ceiling fan is strong, beautiful, and that it will remain that way for years to come.
Minka Aire has made a name for itself thanks to its incredible stylings and quality construction—so much so, in fact, that many decorators cannot get enough of this brand’s fans. If you are looking for quality fans with beautiful retro looks, then look no further than Minka Aire ceiling fans at Crescent Harbor. They have the combination of fashion and function you want at pricing that you will love.

02 Feb 2018

Casablanca Ceiling Fans: Ceiling Fans with Personality

When you move into a new house or begin a long-overdue renovation on a room in your current home, there are certain things that tend to go first. Old carpet usually tops the list. Outdated paint colors are usually a pretty close second. And there are those fixtures that always seem clunky and dated—like the ceiling fan. When you first think of ceiling fans, what image pops into your mind? Is it an awkward, dust-covered, utilitarian white ceiling fan? Or perhaps the long, angular wood grain blades and medal chains of the 1970s ceiling fans that still exist in many contemporary houses? If you’re tempted to rip out your ceiling fan and replace it with a static light fixture, you might want to reconsider! Ceiling fans have come a long way design-wise, meaning you can keep your room cool without having to sacrifice style, thanks to brands like Casablanca ceiling fans.

Casablanca ceiling fans
Ceiling Fans with Personality

Casablanca ceiling fans and other similar contemporary brands are about as far as you can get from the ugly, fussy, awkward ceiling fans we’ve all come to know. Think elegantly curved blades, architectural shapes, and smart designs that reduce noise. Your Casablanca ceiling fan can match the style and personality of your home, whether it be contemporary and minimalist, mid-century modern, warm and traditional, or anything else in between. Being able to choose features like the number or width of the blades allows you to use your new ceiling fan to inject a little personality into your home.

A Variety of Options

Ceiling fans have not only advanced in their overall appearance; there is also more of a variety available now. Whereas you used to be limited to a couple of basic models, you can now select a shape, color, and material that fits perfectly with the style of your home. There are options that feature bolder designs, which are intended to stand out and make a statement. There are other styles that are more conservative and minimalist, allowing the fan to blend into the background a bit more so you can choose to use it more for its function that for its looks. Whatever your preference is in terms of design and function, you now have the options to support that with Casablanca ceiling fans (

Beautiful and Functional

Ceiling fans do exist for a reason. As ugly as some of the older styles are, they really are a practical choice, especially in homes that don’t have an air conditioning unit installed. To go from having a ceiling fan to being stuck without one during those hot summer days will not be a pleasant adjustment. Casablanca ceiling fans add a welcome decorative flair to your home, while preserving the practical function of a ceiling fan.
If you’re ready to update your home and your old ceiling fan is the first item on your list of things to go, pause before you decide to replace it with a static light fixture. Here at Crescent Harbor (, we have stylish, contemporary options from brands like Casablanca ceiling fans that allow you to preserve the convenience and function of a ceiling fan—without sacrificing style, design, and personality. Check out our selection today.

01 Feb 2018

Pendant Lights are Functional and Attractive

Lighting doesn’t just make a house lighter, it also makes a home warmer and more welcoming. In other words, when you choose lighting for your home, illumination is just one of the things you are looking for. Lighting should not be the thing that gets left to the last minute; it makes all the difference. Before you buy and install your lighting, consider a lot of different styles, sizes, and types of choices—like Seagull lighting pendants.

Seagull lighting pendants

Seagull Lighting

Seagull Lighting has many different lighting fixtures for you to consider—including Seagull lighting pendants—and choosing to buy all your lighting from the same line means that your lighting features can match each other throughout the house, whether they are lamps, sconces, or pendants.  Pendants are a very popular choice, and Seagull Lighting has a great selection of pendant lights.

What is a pendant light?

Seagull lighting pendants hang from the ceiling; essentially, a pendant is a light fixture that is suspended downwards from the ceiling with a lampshade around it. The pendant light focuses the brightness of the light in a particular area, below where the pendant is hanging. But thanks to the lampshade, the light is also reflected outward.

Yes, Seagull lighting pendants are functional, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be the main source of light in the room, and they certainly can be stylish and dramatic. Pendant lights are often chosen instead of chandeliers as a more casual, but still gorgeous, expression.

What things need to be considered?

Whether they are big or small, and whether or not they are the main light source in the area, some things need to be considered when choosing a pendant light: size and the amount of light that will be needed. The design you choose should fit into the room area. How large is the space you want to fill? How high is the ceiling? How large is the lamp shade? Simply put, Seagull lighting pendants offer so many styles to choose from because no two spaces are exactly alike, so the pendants vary in terms of the size of the lampshade and length of the stem in order to ensure you can find the right pendant for the right space in your home. With all the choices, your style is there to blend in or to be a statement piece.

Seagull lighting pendants offer many different styles and choices to fit into any space in your home, but they can also fit into any budget, and they can fit any taste. Their styles are traditional, but also contemporary, and they please all tastes with their Energy Star Rating. Taking care of the environment and being energy efficient are unavoidably becoming recognized as essential. Their Energy Star rated fixtures can save you money as well.

Make your house a home. Decorate it and personalize it, no matter what your budget is. Don’t forget about the finishing touches. Seagull lighting pendants can give your home exactly the look you want without costing a lot of money or effort. Browse through the selection of Seagull lighting pendants at Crescent Harbor and see which ones would look fabulous over your workspace or island, or at the top of the stairs.

31 Jan 2018

The Modern Ceiling Fan for the Modern Home

Not many people think about the humble ceiling fan. If anything, they only think of them when they turn them on. After that, ceiling fans are pretty much expected to move air and do little else. The very prospect of a ceiling fan being a modern, beautiful decor piece is rare, but that is changing thanks to one company: The Modern Fan Company. Their designs are showing up around the world, from regular homes to giant commercial buildings, all because they took the idea of the ceiling fan and brought it into the modern age.

Founded over 30 years ago in 1986, The Modern Fan Company quickly rose to prominence for its bold, firmly modern stylings. Rather than make things rustic, antiquated, or outdated, they pushed forward with bold designs that not only command attention, but which also provide economically-viable style solutions for the modern home. The company started with one man: founder Ron Rezek, an industrial designer with a passion for fans, of all things. He started his company with a single goal in mind: to modernize the ceiling fan. He named his company ex-actly that, and since his first designs took the marketplace by storm, The Modern Fan Company has been selling beautiful fans around the world.Modern Fan Company

But what makes a Modern Fan Company ceiling fan so special, and why has the company en-joyed continued success and prestige for over 30 years?

First, there are the designs themselves. Before Rezek came to the scene as the modern fan company, ceiling fans and fans in general were one of two things: incredibly utilitarian or over-ly exquisite to the point that they looked good in ballrooms and nowhere else. You can still see the utilitarian fan designs all over, from old homes to office buildings, if you would even notice them. Many are made from cheap wooden paneling (the same you would find on a station wagon from the seventies) and they often feel like they were made in the same decade, if not earlier. Rezek decided to bring his modern sensibilities and industrial design experience to the ceiling fan, and in the process, he created a series of ceiling fans for the modern home. Beauti-ful, simple, and sleek, these designs are perfect for contemporary design choices, including lofts, condos, homes, and commercial buildings.

The modern sensibilities of The Modern Fan Company come with a knowledge of the modern budget, meaning they offer cost-effective designs that look fantastic and are built to last. Built with fine materials and with designs that are beyond whatever trend is hot right now, these ceiling fans are built to last, both in terms of durability and style. That way, you can be confi-dent that your modern ceiling fan is going to last and look fantastic.

If you have a modern home and are looking for a modern ceiling fan to match your decor, look no further than the modern fan company. With incredible designs and affordable pricing, these fans have caused a quiet revolution in the world of design, décor, and of course, fans.

19 Dec 2017

Different Types of Minka Aire Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans have changed dramatically over the last few decades. Originally, fans were used only for necessary air movement, nothing more. These days, the modern styles and designs of ceiling fans have caught the attention of interior designers who now make them an important part of interior design. While the use of a fan is still to warm or cool a room, their shapes and designs make them an important fixture in room décor.  Minka Aire ceiling fans are no exception to this rule. These fans, when used in the right room, add to the ambiance and overall look of the theme and decor. With the many types of fans available on today’s market, which type is right for you?

Minka Aire Ceiling FansContemporary Indoor Fans

Contemporary fans are fans that are designed with a sleeker and leaner look for the contemporary themed room.  Fans used to be large and bulky with very little variety in the materials being used. Minka Aire ceiling fans have broken this barrier and changed these stigmas. Their contemporary fans can blend seamlessly into a room’s décor.  They can become the conversation and center piece of the room they are placed in.  If you are looking to have a functioning fixture that does not take away from your room, then these sleeker steel fans will be exactly what you are looking for. Their modern and elegant designs create function without distraction.  If you want a conversation piece, then there are many fans that are designed to demand attention. These fans are large and out of the box when it comes to build and design. Their beauty is second to none, and they instantly create a focal point to any room that they are placed in.

Smaller Fans Under 36”

It is no longer the era when a single fan is placed in the center of a room. If you have an abnormal shaped room or simply do not want a large fixture, smaller fans will work beautifully.  When placed correctly, a number of smaller fans or a well placed single fan will move the air around your space quietly and effectively. The look of smaller fans also works well for specific interior designs.  These Minka Aire ceiling fans remove the single focus point and creates an elegant overall look and feel.F502-BCW Minka Aire Traditional Gyro Belcaro Walnut Fan

Outdoor Fans

Fans are no longer created simply for indoor use. Minka Aire ceiling fans have a line of outdoor fans that are designed for patios and for other outdoor living spaces.  Fans are designed to cool as well as heat. For those who enjoy decks and patios, these fans are for you.  The fans will cool during hot weather and warm during cooler spells. They are designed to work effectively in areas that do not have solid walls, but that still require function as well as fashion.

When it comes to Minka Aire ceiling fans, the options are endless. These are only a few of the lines of designer fans that are available to you.  The best thing to do is decide what kind of fixture you need for your space and your design ideas. Imagine what will work best in that area. Do you want a centerpiece that becomes the topic of the room or do you want something small and efficient that still upholds ultimate comfort levels?  Minka Aire ceiling fans have no limitations; do you?

18 Dec 2017