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Hudson Valley Sconces Can Shed Some Light On Your Home’s True Character

When someone wants to ask for some clarity or understanding, they will often ask you to shed some light on the subject. This means making something easier to see, helping you to really get the definition of what’s being said. In the same way, when you really want to set the mood that will prevail in your home, the first thing you want to do is shed some light on your surroundings. Your light fixtures do more than one job when it comes to making your home exactly what you want it to be, and the Hudson Valley Sconces offered by Crescent Harbor are top-notch for doing everything that a light fixture should.

Hudson Valley Sconces

What You See Is Important…

The first thing you’ll look at when you choose a Hudson Valley Sconce is, of course, what you will see when you set up your lamp in the room. You’ll look at the materials that it’s made from. You’ll look at the shape and the color of the light fixture, get a sense of the style that it will lend to your home. You’ll choose whether you want one light or several, whether you want a silver or a brass finish. In many ways, choosing a sconce is like choosing an art piece to hang on your wall. It will add color, character and style to your home.

…But What Get Is More Than What You See!

No matter what the lamp looks like, you’ll see its true character when you turn it on and see what kind of light it sheds on your room! Hudson Valley Sconces can provide any atmosphere that you want, from bright and cheerful lighting to a warmer, softer ambiance. The light in a room isn’t something you notice right away but it has a profound effect on everything else that you see. That’s why you want to find the perfect sconce light for your room.

Quality Is Vital

When you do find that perfect Hudson Valley Sconce, you’re going to want it to last for a long time, preferably as long as your house stands. Crescent Harbor is on the same page, and we provide only the best products made from strong, enduring and beautiful materials. Your sconces will be beautifully made, strong enough to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life in your home, and with some easy care and maintenance, will remain as lovely and bright as they day you installed them.

And Finally, Customer Service Is Key

When you purchase your Hudson Valley sconce, we want your online shopping experience to be just as easy and painless as purchasing an item in a brick and mortar store. We are available to answer any questions you might have and provide assistance with every step of the shopping and purchasing process. If something does go wrong, our return policy is reasonable and easy to navigate. You want your home to be beautiful, and we want to help you to shed some light on that beauty!

30 Aug 2016

Beautiful and Contemporary House of Troy Floor Lamps

Simple Elegance

Looking for a floor lamp that is both classic and contemporary? Look no further than the beautiful and high-quality floor lamps made by House of Troy. The House of Troy floor lamps will automatically add a touch of elegance and style to your office, bedroom, dining or living room space.

While many modern lighting companies choose designs that are futuristic, bold and flamboyant to create statement floor lamps, House of Troy combines high-quality materials with simple yet elegant designs to manufacture floor lamps that are understated yet eye-catching, classic yet chic. And, although House of Troy floor lamps may be understated, they are certainly not outdone in terms of style and elegance, durability and quality. Because of their simple elegance and contemporary yet traditional designs, House of Troy floor lamps will never go out of style.

House of Troy floor lampsAffordable

House of Troy uses only the finest of materials to create timeless, high-quality lighting fixtures at affordable prices. Lighting fixtures shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, yet many companies charge exorbitant prices for indoor and outdoor lamps, prices that the individual or household simply can’t afford. House of Troy does things differently. At Crescent Harbor, our beautiful and elegant selection of House of Troy floor lamps are reasonably priced so our customers don’t have to take out a second mortgage to add a touch of class and sophistication to their homes. If you’re looking for affordable style that is both chic, durable, and economical, look no further than our House of Troy collection.

From Country Comfort to Contemporary Chic

One of the most appealing features of House of Troy floor lamps is how effortlessly they are able to fit into a wide array of home styles and décor situations. If you’re looking to create a look that is both comfortable and a bit country, House of Troy’s Abington Floor lamp will be the perfect addition to your study, bedroom or living room.  Its classic design is reminiscent of simple, quiet living without any of that country kitsch.

If you’re looking for something with a bit more of a modern edge, take a look at House of Troy’s collection of tripod floor lamps. These lamps have a bit of a 60’s vibe, but they don’t overdo the whole retro thing, choosing sleek angles and contemporary materials over loud patterns and bright colors. Perfect for a study or home library, a House of Troy tripod floor lamp will automatically lighten up the room with a look that is both contemporary and classic.

House of Troy floor lamps are the perfect addition to a variety of home decors because their simple and quality designs will ensure that they won’t go out of style (or out of service!) anytime soon. As any home designer knows, choosing simple and classic lighting fixtures is a simple way to make your home appear comfortable and sophisticated. House of Troy floor lamps are timeless lighting fixtures, which means that they will withstand the fast-changing and fickle trends of home fashion, saving you time, money, and a whole lot of the effort you would have to put into redecorating every few years. Choose classic and elegant style with a House of Troy floor lamp from Crescent Harbor.

29 Aug 2016

Norwell Lighting: The Perfect Blend of Modern Technology with Old-world Charm

If you are searching for a lighting fixture that will stand the test of time, look no further than Norwell Lighting and Accessories. Norwell Lighting upholds the highest of standards in quality lighting because they have founded their reputation on the use of solid brass in all of their designs. Continuing with this tradition today, Norwell never ceases to impress with the perfect mixture of durability and beauty woven into each of their designs.

Norwell Lighting

A Name You Can Trust

Norwell Lighting and Accessories has produced high quality, solid brass lighting fixtures for over 75 years, for both indoor and outdoor use. As a trusted name in both the residential lighting industry, as well as the commercial lighting industry, Norwell has a wide range of products, designed to meet your every need. You can rest assured that when you purchase a product by Norwell Lighting here at Crescent Harbor, every item has been hand-crafted with pride as well as with an unparalleled attention to detail.

European Influence

Many of Norwell’s lanterns employ the European castings techniques, which are traditionally the most beautiful and durable form of brass manufacturing, allowing your lighting fixture to stand up against nature’s elements, no matter the season! Norwell Lighting offers a wide selection of outdoor fixtures including both wall mounts and post mounts, all designed to meet your needs.

Norwell Outdoor Wall Mount Fixtures

Withstanding even the harshest of elements, Norwell’s wall mount lighting fixtures will never let you down. No matter where you live, the fixtures designed by Norwell Lighting will remain beautiful and timeless pieces, whether dealing with the ice and snow of a cold winter, or the sea salt spray coming off of the ocean. With lighting such as the Norwell Seafarer Outdoor Fixture, you can customize each piece down to your exact specifications, even when it comes to color! There are five color options to choose from: bronze, bronzed chrome, polished brass, Verde, or clear. You can easily transform this piece, in order to coordinate the final product with a polished, classic look, or even a trendy bohemian vibe. The sky is the limit!

Norwell Outdoor Post Mount Fixtures

Are wall mount fixtures not really your style? We are also able to supply many of our wall mount designs as post mount light fixtures instead. Norwell Lighting offers post mount fixtures in many of the same color options as the wall mount designs, including bronze, bronzed chrome, polished brass, Verde, or clear. Originally designed to protect oil and flame, this modern take on the classic nautical lantern design is a conversation starter and a bold statement piece for your home. With the inclusion of a 100W Edison bulb, it is the perfect blend of old-world charm, combined with a modern, industrial look.

So whether you are looking to renovate your home, increase your curb appeal, or are just gathering ideas, Norwell has you covered. Interested in seeing more of what Norwell Lighting and Accessories has to offer? Please visit us at Crescent Harbor online or contact the shop, at 1-888-355-9525, today!

01 Aug 2016

Buy from Lighting Stores Online to Spruce Up Your Home

Sometimes the easiest way to spruce up the look of your home is to experiment with different styles of lighting fixtures. It’s more affordable than doing something drastic such as changing your bathroom tiles or kitchen flooring. Buying products from online lighting stores is also quick and easy to update your home.

But before you start shopping online at lighting stores you should decide on a theme. Think about whether you want a traditional look or whether you would rather have a sleeker contemporary look.  Or you can even go with a modern and antiquated theme. Next, consider what type of lighting you should go with.

Lighting StoresOnline Lighting Stores – Lighting Options

Before you begin shopping, think about what style of lighting you want. Most online lighting stores have a wide selection of lighting product for every room in the house, including:

•  Chandeliers

•  Ceiling fixtures

•  Pendants

•  Floor lamps

•  Table lamps

•  Foyer and Hall

•  Bath lighting

•  Sconces

And don’t forget about outdoor lighting. How about an energy saving LED or transitional hanging lights so you can enjoy the back yard when the sun goes down?

Benefits of Shopping at Online Lighting Stores

You can save yourself tons of time by shopping online at lighting stores like Crescent Harbor. You don’t have to take the time to load up the kids to drive around to a number of stores to find what you’re looking for. You can sit outside in the sun on your tablet, or even your phone. Then all you have to do is scroll through the lighting store’s selection, choose which products you want, proceed to checkout, order your designer lighting, and get it delivered to your door. If you have any questions. all you have to do is send a message to their customer service department.

Most online lighting stores have a customer service agent available to answer questions via a live chat screen.

Since online lighting stores like Crescent Harbor don’t have the overhead costs of staffing a warehouse and showroom you as the consumer reaps the benefits. When you shop online, you can purchase designer products inexpensively.

Designer Lighting Available on Lighting Store Websites

You can find and purchase name brands, such as the following, at affordable prices:

•  Sonneman Lighting

•  Hubbardton Forge

•  Troy Lighting

•  H.A Framburg

•  Hudson Valley Lighting

•  Murray Feiss

•  Norwell Lighting

Tips for Buying Lights from Online Lighting Stores

Before you choose an online lighting store, take a look at their website and ask yourself the following question:

•  Do they have a large selection, good reputation, and is it easy to deal with customer service department?

•  What is their return policy?

•  Do they make it easy or almost impossible to return items?

•  Do they offer free shipping when you order a set amount?

•  Is it easy to ask questions about products before buying?

At Crescent Harbor, we take pride in offering our consumers beautiful products on our online lighting store.  To see our wide selection of designer lighting pieces, you can check them out on our website.

31 Jul 2016

Make Your Home Chic and Comfortable with a Casablanca Ceiling Fan

Is the décor in your room feeling a little stagnant?  Do you feel like you need to do extensive renovations just to let a little fresh air into the room?  Maybe you just need to incorporate a Casablanca Ceiling Fan into the look of your room instead.

snow white Isotope Fan

Why ceiling fans are a good fit

There are a few key reasons why you should say yes to ceiling fans when choosing the décor for your room.  First, they are a much more environmentally—and economically—friendly alternative to air conditioning.  Whether you decide to go without air conditioning altogether, or whether you are looking for something that can get a little air moving on those not-so-hot days, ceiling fans are an optimal solution.  And ceiling fans aren’t just good for cooling down in the summer; they work wonders to circulate heat in the winter, too.  In fact, adding a little extra air circulation to any room during any time of the year can work wonders to add a little freshness and prevent your room from feeling stuffy.  No one likes stale air.  Plus, choosing a Casablanca Ceiling Fan from Crescent Harbor will mean you get the style you are looking for from your ceiling fan, too.

Ceiling fans aren’t the design faux pas they used to be

Worried about introducing a bit too much clunk to your room just to get that bit of extra air flow?  Don’t be.  Ceiling fans have become a lot more than they used to be.  With Casablanca Ceiling Fans, you can freshen your room up and add a new and elegant focal point to your room, too.

Maiden Bronze Durant Fan

Casablanca Ceiling Fans aren’t just made to the highest quality (with Energy Star qualified efficiency to boot), they are also made with detail and fashion in mind, making them the leading choice when it comes to finding a fan that has the perfect personality to suit you and your room—and they are customizable, too!  Whether you want chic and contemporary, like the snow white Isotope Fan, or simple and sophisticated, like the Maiden Bronze Durant Fan, Casablanca Ceiling Fans has the perfect solution for you.  Or maybe you want a fan that doesn’t even look like a fan, like the oil-rubbed bronze Candelier ceiling fan.

oil-rubbed bronze Candelier ceiling fanWhether you are looking for an outdoor ceiling fan or a ceiling fan for any sized room, Casablanca Ceiling Fans has a design that will work for you

The number one thing to remember when choosing a ceiling fan to suit your room is to find one that fits.  If you have a large room with high ceilings, a large fan will look best, but if you have a small room with low ceilings, then you don’t just want a smaller fan, you also want a fan that sits closer to the ceiling, like Casablanca Fan Company’s line of contemporary indoor hugger fans.

Here at Crescent Harbor, we carry a full line of Casablanca Ceiling Fans that are sure to suit your needs, in terms of both fashion and functionality, so look no further for your number one fan—try our selection of Casablanca Ceiling Fans today!

30 Jul 2016

Fanimation Fans – Revolutionary Styles

Ceiling fans are an essential part of home and office living.  They provide an economic way to circulate air, allowing more regulated environments and work spaces. It can quickly turn what would be a stale and hot room into a comfortable space at the flick of a button.  Not only are ceiling fans essential in rooms that have very little access to functioning windows, they are excellent additions to rooms that have high ceilings are that fluctuate in temperatures. Celling fans are not only for cooling off rooms, they work very well in circulating warm rising air by pushing it back down where it is needed, hence reducing your overall heating costs. Fanimation Fans has used this cost saving feature in many of their fan designs.

The biggest problem that home owners face is finding a ceiling fan that enhances or at least matches their décor. Most fans, while bringing a wide range of benefits, are large and bulky and reduce the appearance of a room. Thankfully, Fanimation Fans has found some very innovative ways to change this.  With ceiling fans that are as stylish as they are functional, decorating with ceiling fans opened up with so many more options to choose from.

Fanimation FansThe Air Shadow Retractable Fan is a great example of the innovation by Fanimation Fans. This fan features blades that extract upon use and retract when turned off.  This great conversation piece adds functional air flow to a room while still keeping the ability to reduce in size when it is not needed.  It is a clever way to create value and style to a space while keeping its decorative style.  This fan is ideal in spaces where it can be part of the main focus of the room or in rooms where ceiling space is an issue. Its automatic compact feature is excellent when the room user needs to conserve space during its downtime.

When it comes to style, nothing says contemporary elegance more than the Torto Metro Contemporary Fan by Fanimation Fans.  This fan stands apart from the crowd.  With a completely different look from the ceiling down, this contemporary fan is a crowd favorite when it comes to a quiet elegance that enhance a room.  The blades on this fan are designed in a unique way to create an unusual style without compromising function. The curl of each of the three blades in its unique vertical pattern step away from the general look of ceiling fans. Complete with a light, this functional ceiling accessory has a look that is a conversation piece whenever a new person enters the room.

Ceiling fans have come a long ways both with their function and with their design.  What was once simply a functional room accessory has now become an essential room utility.  Fanimation Fans has revolutionized the look of the traditional ceiling fans. They have designed fans to enhance the look of any room they are placed in. Their unique styles are designed to be not only center pieces but to add to the value of the home and blend with the style of the room.  If you are looking for a way to beautify and upgrade your design, these are fans worth a second look.  Check out our full line of Fanimation Fans at Crescent Harbor today.

29 Jul 2016

All the Reasons You Should Know to Choose Norwell Lighting

A Name You Can Trust

Norwell earned its name by manufacturing top-quality lighting fixtures for over a century. If you’re looking for classic and elegant designs, look no further than Norwell Lighting. From outdoor lanterns to beautiful chandeliers, from elegant wall sconces to chic ceiling fixtures, Norwell Lighting offers a wide selection of quality lighting at affordable prices. Whether you’re looking for one light fixture or many, this is your brand. You’ll receive top-quality products and top-quality service at great prices. Norwell is a name you can trust.

Lighting is crucial to making your home feel warm, comfortable and inviting. Cheap or poor-quality lighting can have a detrimental effect on not only the mood of your house, making things appear dull and dim, but also on your mood too. Proper lighting has an amazing effect on psychological and physical health, as it can improve your moods and keep you from placing a strain on your eyes.

    A Turn of the Century TouchNorwell Lighting

One of Norwell’s most classic designs is their reinterpretation of the classic colonial lanterns that you can find along the breathtaking coasts of Martha’s Vineyard, Cape Cod, Nantucket, Boston, and even as far north as Nova Scotia, Canada! These lanterns are all made from solid brass and are built to withstand the harshest of elements. After all, the sea has never been known to be kind to man-made structures, with all the salt, storms, and humidity. Even if you don’t live by the coast, these lanterns will add a unique feel to your outdoor patio or backyard setting. If you do, however, live by the sea, these lanterns are a must-have, as they celebrate the tradition, history, and culture of the sea and all those who love it. Celebrate your love of the sea with a Norwell lighting, and show off your ancestral pride!

Colonial lanterns are also a great way to illuminate your outdoor settings – patio, deck, veranda, backyard or shed – with a rustic yet stylish look. These lanterns will give your home a sense of nostalgia, but with a modern edge.

Elegance and Class

If you’re looking for something a bit less rustic, take a look at Norwell Lighting’s selection of chandeliers. Also manufactured from top-quality metals, including solid brass, these chandeliers will automatically add elegance and class to your dining room or living area. Chandeliers transform the room, becoming its focal point, so if you’re considering adding one to your home décor, make sure that you choose a classic, timeless piece. Unlike trendy chandeliers that go out of style quickly and need to be updated in order for a room not to look dated, Norwell chandeliers are simple, sleek, and sturdy; they will last the test of time, as well as any changes in home décor trends.

All of Norwell’s chandeliers are hand-crafted by highly-skilled, professional artisans. That means that your Norwell lighting fixture is one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable and inimitable. Light up your life with one of Norwell’s beautiful chandeliers. Take a look at their selection of chandeliers today, which off a wide range of styles and sizes, perfect for high or low ceilings, and any size of room. Norwell’s chandeliers also range from displaying European castings and mouth-blown glass to more contemporary styles.

01 Jul 2016

4 Reasons Why Onion Lights Make Excellent Outdoor Lights

Onion lights have been a mainstay in the lighting industry for over a century. The bulbous glass globe from which onion lights get their name can offer a blend of versatile and rustic lighting that’s suitable for almost any outdoor space. Crescent Harbor has teamed up with Brass Traditions, an American company, to create a full line of beautiful and high-quality onion lights that can bring an old school charm to your home. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider onion lights for your patio, yard, or other outdoor space in need of quality lighting.

1. Old School CharmOnion lights

Onion lights are a classic look that’s remained popular for over a century. Originally designed to hold a small flame, new onion lights can house almost any kind of light, letting you create a soft lighting look that boasts a classic and familiar design. Brass Traditions’ onion lights come in a wide range of designs and looks, but every one combines modern technology with the rustic charm of the classic onion light. They’re also available in a wide range of finishes so they can enhance your existing decor choices, or become the center piece of your outdoor space.

2. Uniquely-Made Individual Pieces

Onion lights from Brass Traditions line are made to order and to your specifications. All of our designs are customized and made with contemporary looks in mind so that you can have a truly unique blend of old school charm and new school design.

3. American-Made Quality

Brass Traditions lights are all designed and hand-crafted in Connecticut. The company’s been creating custom lighting solutions for over twenty years and perfected the art of quality and style. When you purchase these onion lights, you are receiving lights of the highest quality, made from solid materials and designed to enhance the look of almost any space. Rather than find an antique that may fall apart, these onion lights are sure to stand the test of time.

4. Lights You Can Hang Anywhere

With quality post mountings, your brand new onion lights can hang almost anywhere, including from the side of your home’s exterior and any metal or wooden posts you may have. With such versatility, you can get quality, fashionable lighting where you need it most. So if your yard has a dark spot in need of illumination, or you want to create a certain look for your patio, our onion lights will help you achieve your goals.

The onion light is one of the staples of the lighting industry. Made with a bulbous glass housing that also gives these traditional lights their name, they can be hung outdoors, on patios, and almost anywhere that you want a timeless design. The key to getting the perfect onion light is looking for quality and Crescent Harbor’s Brass Traditions line has full range of onion style lanterns to meet your needs. If you’re in need of a classic look that’s quality made and incorporates contemporary technology and sensibilities, then Brass Traditions’ onion lights are for you.


30 Jun 2016

How Troy Lighting Helps Make Your House Feel Like Home

Think about what gives a room the character that it has. What makes it feel cozy and warm, or breezy and open? What makes it feel like a place for working or a place for chilling out? A lot of the feeling of a room comes from the furniture and the decor in the room. A desk makes an office feel like a place for work, while a bed sends a clear signal that this is a sleepy, cozy room. But there’s more to it than that. A lot of a room’s ambiance comes from the way that room is lit. Light can be bright or dim, warm or cool, natural-looking or clearly man-made. Crescent Harbor’s Troy Lighting line of lamps can help you to make a room look exactly how you’d like it to feel.

The Beauty of VarietyTroy Lighting

Troy Lighting lamps are up to the task of making your house look like a home, no matter what statement you want to make with your home. We offer elegant, eye-catching Troy Lighting chandeliers as well as smaller pendant lights and subtle ceiling fixtures. For a different angle on things we have a lovely variety of wall sconces, including bath sconces. We offer very different designs, from the understated to the boldly beautiful. Our goal is to meet all of your home lighting needs.

Long Lasting High Quality

We recognize that even in the quietest of homes, light fixtures are subject to a certain amount of wear and tear. And that’s before you factor in children, pets and other common elements that can be rather hard on your decor. As a result, Crescent Harbor’s Troy Lighting line of household lighting fixtures is made with only the very best materials, to help our products resist stains and breaking, and to make maintenance as easy and as inexpensive as possible. It’s not a good idea to let your kids play baseball around the dining room chandelier, but ordinary wear and tear is no problem at all!

Shopping (and Returns) Made Easy

Crescent Harbor believes in making your home lighting shopping experience as easy and painless as possible, and that includes our Troy Lighting products. We ship our products with the highest standard of packaging and handling to reduce the risk of breakage and other damage. We also realize that when you shop online, you sometimes end up with a product that is different than what you had originally expected. Because of this, we make returns a quick and easy process.

Let Us Help You Light Your Home

You want your home to look like an outward expression of who you are inside. Crescent Harbor’s Troy Lighting line of home lighting fixtures offers the beauty, elegance and presence to do just that. We have lighting for indoors, and even outdoor lighting options for a welcoming display. Our website offers an illustrated listing of our inventory and we are happy to respond to any questions or comments that you might have. Stop by and see how we can help make your house feel like a home!

29 Jun 2016

Choose Minka Lavery for Your Lighting Needs

It is a simple fact of renovation that, while the renovations themselves work wonders on a room, it is the details that go the distance when it comes to pulling the look together and making a room transform from “cozy” to luxurious.  One of the most important features when it comes to any room is the lighting.  Whether you are aiming for antique, minimalist, classic, or modern, your lighting plays an important role.  Whether it is highlighting the cut of the room by casting light or shadow, or whether it is itself the focal point of the room with its artistic design, your light fixtures are going to be the most important accessories you buy for your room.  With a purpose like that, it’s important to find the perfect fixtures to match your room, and, here at Crescent Harbor, our Minka Lavery collection is the answer.

Minka Lavery Lighting

Minka Lavery doesn’t just sell any light fixtures; it is a leader in the decorative lighting industry.  That means the light fixtures you buy from Minka Lavery are going to do more than diminish the number of shadows in your room; they are going to add decorative touches to your room as well.

Minka Lavery offers a number of different styles of light fixtures, but they also offer a number of different finishes, so you are sure to find the fixture that will look perfect in your room.  Our Minka Lavery selection offers solid brass, wrought iron, aluminum, wood, and resin fixtures, and they come in nutmeg, deep flax bronze, vintage Cheshire gold, and ‘provencal blan’ finishes—and many Minka Lavery fixtures come in a series, which means you can choose a style that can carry through your entire home for the full coordinating effect.

A Fixture for any Room

At Crescent Harbor, we carry a full product line of Minka Lavery light fixtures, from Pendants, to Table lamps, to Sconces, and even including flush mounts.
Minka LaveryMinka Lavery Chandeliers

If you are looking for a grand, ornate light fixture to accent any room, check out our collection of Minka Lavery Chandeliers.  From traditional to contemporary, and ranging from a number of different styles and finishes, Minka Lavery offers Chandeliers that will make any room look magnificent.  For instance, if you have a large space with high ceilings, a grand Chandelier like the Minka Lavery 4759-206 Aston Court 21 Light Chandelier is sure to turn a few heads.

Minka Lavery Pendant Lights

If you are looking for the eye-catching effect of the grand Chandelier—but for a smaller space—you could go for a small chandelier, or, for a more modern touch, you could look at Minka Lavery Pendant Lighting instead.  Minka Lavery’s Island Pendants, like the Minka Lavery 4364-281 Harvard Court 4 Light Island Light, are quickly becoming the go-to design choice for home renovations.

Minka Lavery

Minka Lavery Flush or Semi Flush Fixtures

If you are looking for the perfect fixture to light a hallway, bedroom, or any area in your home that doesn’t have a lot of room to spare, then our selection of Minka Lavery Flush Lighting Fixtures is perfect.  If you have a bit more ceiling height and want to add in a bit of extra charm, Minka Lavery offers a selection of Semi Flush Fixtures as well.  For instance, the Minka Lavery 1498 Nanti 3 Light Semi Flushmount is formal and highly functional, providing just the right decorative touch without requiring the added space of vaulted ceilings.

If you are looking for the perfect fixtures for your home, visit our website to check out our extensive line of Minka Lavery light fixtures.

28 Jun 2016