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Keeping it Cool With Casablanca Ceiling Fans

Summer, Summer, Summertime

Beaches, cool beverages, and days spent languishing in the sun: it’s finally summertime!  But despite the many outdoor activities the summer season offers, not every day can be spent outside, especially when summer temperatures rise to scorching degrees. If you want to keep your home cool and well-ventilated, you’ll want to invest in a ceiling fan; Casablanca ceiling fans ( )are one of the best ways to get fresh air moving in your house. While many people have air conditioning systems in their homes, AC can often leave a space feeling stuffy. Artificially cool air is no replacement for a nice, fresh breeze. Plus, having the AC running all the time can hike up power bills, whereas ceiling fans are designed to cool your home as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Casablanca offers a line of stylish and affordable ceiling fans that will allow you to get a fresh, cool home in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way. With every Casablanca ceiling fan, you can adjust the speed of the blades to get the results you want, whether you’re looking to cool your space down a bit, or whether you simply want to get some fresh air circulating in your home. Don’t let the summertime heat get in the way of enjoying nice cool days or evenings in the comfort of your own home. Get maximum efficiency, convenience and comfort with Casablanca ceiling fans.

Casablanca Ceiling Fans

Custom Designs

Whatever your style or home décor vision is, Casablanca has the right ceiling fan for you. If you prefer simpler, more elegant designs, Crescent Harbor has a selection of beautiful Casablanca ceiling fans that are simple and unobtrusive. If you’re looking for a statement piece (perhaps a chandelier?) to accent a room or porch, Casablanca also offers more ornate, eye-catching designs. Whatever you’re looking for, Casablanca offers beautiful ceiling fans at affordable prices, allowing you to enjoy the comfort of fresh, cool air in your home without having to splurge on expensive AC systems—or take up valuable space with tacky floor or table fans.

All Seasons

While ceiling fans are a must in the summer season, the air in your home can get stagnated and stuffy all year round. You don’t have to have the ceiling fan running at top speed in the winter months, but you can set your fan(s) to a gentle rotation to allow air to circulate in your home when it gets stuffy (and we all know it does!) in the winter months. Casablanca ceiling fans offer an affordable and energy efficient way to keep your house feeling fresh all year round!

We offer a large selection of Casablanca ceiling fans to match our clients’ diverse needs and tastes. If you’re already feeling the effects of the summer heat in your home, don’t delay! Take a look at our collection of beautiful, eye-catching, and affordable ceiling fans to rid your house of that hot and stuffy air. Keeping the air fresh in your home will help you breathe better, feel better, and ultimately help you enjoy the summer months even more!

20 Jul 2017

Troy Lighting Sconces: What They Can Do for You

The humble Troy Lighting sconce is a brilliant if under-appreciated lighting fixture, one that can elevate a home’s decor while providing the light necessary to illuminate a room. They’ve often been used as accent pieces to elevate the decor of a space more than to light it, but companies like Troy Lighting are changing how people view the sconce, and how homes are using them.

Troy Lighting Sconces

One of the most interesting things about the history of Troy Lighting sconces was how people began using their products. Troy Lighting started out in 1963 by making lighting solutions that combined beauty and practicality. They soon expanded into specialized Reflective Luminaire Manufacturer (RLM) lighting, or lighting that uses reflection to intensify the lighting in a specific direction. And while not all of their lighting uses this technology, their commitment to quality and making something different made a near-instant impression.

Once their lighting was out in the world, Troy Lighting soon discovered that their lighting that was designed for the outdoors was actually being used to elevate decor inside the home. It was a surprise to the company. Such a simple thing, however, reveals a few interesting facts about Troy Lighting sconces, and why people are using their products for different purposes.

The first reasons, perhaps most obviously, is the designs themselves. When Troy Lighting made their first set of lighting fixtures, they were primarily designed to be used in outdoor spaces. The designs, however, were not the usual hyper-practical approach often seen in outdoor lighting at the time. They were instead elegant and beautiful pieces, often made from copper, that could turn outdoor spaces into elegant getaways. Because of their beauty, people started bringing them into their homes instead of keeping the fixtures outside. From there, Troy Lighting got the idea of creating pieces that were specifically designed for indoor spaces, like Troy Lighting sconces, while still keeping in mind the designs that caught people’s eyes in the beginning.

The second reason people love Troy Lighting sconces is the construction. Made using high-quality materials and backed by service guarantees, Troy Lighting pieces are beautiful and elegant solutions that are also built to last. Since many were originally designed to be used outside, they possess a certain durability that is not often found in interior lighting fixtures. Because they were made to withstand the elements, your Tory Lighting sconces will likely last for years and decades to come, providing your home with a beautiful piece that could come to define your home’s look.

Troy Lighting sconces have changed not only where people use lighting sconces, but also what people expect of lighting sconces in their homes. With a combination of quality materials, strong construction, and beautiful designs, Troy Lighting sconces are showing up almost everywhere. If you are in need of some beautiful lighting sconces, consider Troy Lighting fixtures, available at Crescent Harbor. They can bring a new dimension of beauty to almost any room and can provide any extra lighting that you may need in your home, whether that’s some extra light needed in a key spot or a simple accent piece to bring your room together.

19 Jul 2017

Monte Carlo Ceiling Fans are Great in Every Room

Monte Carlo…what do you think of when you hear that name? Glamor, romance, energy, and chic? Monaco, casinos, fast cars, airplanes? Excitement? Do you see ceiling fans when you think of Monte Carlo? There are three very important reasons to make a ceiling fan a part of your home design plans — lowered energy costs, functional beauty, and ambience. Monte Carlo ceiling fans provide all three.

Monte Carlo ceiling fans

Lowered energy costs

Ceiling fans do cool off a room, very inexpensively. They only use the same energy as a 100 watt lightbulb. They provide a nice breeze, moving the air around to the benefit of the bill payer in both summer and winter. In the heat of the summer, they provide a cooling breeze to help circulate the air so that it doesn’t feel too stale and stuffy. In the winter, the ceiling fan can run clockwise to push the warm air down from the ceiling without creating a draft so the warm air is not just rising and collecting above the heads of the people in the room. Monte Carlo ceiling fans are inexpensive and easy to install as well, so consider putting one in every room.


Ceiling fans usually affix in the place where an existing light already is, or in a place where a light was or where one should be. One concern may be that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice lighting for temperature control. Many Monte Carlo ceiling fans have light fixtures as a part of the fan itself, so they are lighting, style, affordability, and ambience all in one package.


The main reason that people want a ceiling fan is for the style they bring to the room. Ceiling fans are so versatile that having one in each room makes it one of the easiest ways to change the personality of the room with the accessories. A Monte Carlo ceiling fan, like those at Crescent Harbor, bring old world style into the future with fans that are beautiful and functional, as well as quiet and engineered for exceptional performance. Blades are available in a number of finishes, and light and different size options make the Monte Carlo fan company a great choice.

Monte Carlo ceiling fans appeal to all types of people and styles. For the speed lover, there is the Monte Carlo Titanium Mach One fan. It looks like it moves as fast as the name implies. With three shiny titanium blades and a glowing white halogen light in the middle it puts you in mind of a propeller. Have another idea in mind? How about the five-blade Centro, with a Mediterranean Bronze finish and walnut blades. It has clean, classical lines and simple ceiling fan loveliness.

Monte Carlo Fan Company also has outdoor ceiling fans with the same beauty and style and ability to both blend in with and transform the surroundings. They can be small and discreet, or with big palm leaf designs in the blades. Find your perfect ceiling fan with Monte Carlo Ceiling Fan Company fans at Crescent Harbor.

18 Jul 2017

Light Up Your Home with a Touch of Luxury from Hubbardton Forge sconces

Every room needs some sort of lighting; it’s one of those necessities you just take for granted, and since most of us can’t afford grand chandeliers, lighting is generally considered to be one of the more basic, run-of-the-mill parts of a room. This is a total missed opportunity, though; instead of settling, why not turn your lighting into a décor statement of its own? Our Hubbardton Forge Wall Sconces are the perfect way to turn your light fixtures into accent pieces so you can achieve both the look and the lighting of your dreams in every room of the house.

Hubbardton Forge Wall Sconces

Variety and Choice For Any Taste

At Crescent Harbor, we have hand forged, wrought iron wall and bath sconces that come in an enormous variety of shapes, styles, and finishes. Whether you’re desperate for something that exudes rustic charm or are focused on keeping things sleek and modern, we have exactly what you’re looking for, and everything in between. On top of that, most of our Hubbardton Forge sconces are actually reversible for uplight or downlight, whatever you prefer. With the wide range of choices and the ability to individualize the direction of the light, our wall sconces can be the perfect touch in every and any type of décor.

Quality Beyond Compare

It’s a universal truth that quality tells, and our hand forged sconces can’t be beat. Hubbardton Forge calls themselves America’s modern blacksmiths, and anyone familiar with their craftsmanship knows that their work is thorough, detailed, and artistic. They don’t cut corners.  Hubbardton Forge sconces are strong and durable, and they won’t run the risk of breaking or chipping at the slightest bump. Plus, the detailing is beautiful and complete. With a Hubbardton Forge sconce, you’re getting home décor that will last as long as you want and will never go out of style.

Set The Right Mood – Whatever That May Be

With wall or bathroom sconces, your lighting scheme isn’t limited to whatever a single light provides; you can set up as many or as few sconces in any given room to choose just the right lighting. Whether you want your bathroom lighting to be perfect for putting on makeup, your dining room lighting to be low and warm for dinner parties, or the family room to be lit just right so everyone can see the TV with perfect clarity, using Hubbardton Forge sconces gives you the freedom to set up the perfect lighting in any given room. Don’t let lighting be a limit; instead, make it your signature strength.

Spruce Up Your Home Décor Today

There’s no reason to wait on adding the perfect touch to your home! Check out our Hubbardton Forge Wall and Bath Sconces to find the perfect addition to any – or every – room in your house. Make an investment in a beautiful piece that will add elegance to your home for years and years, and be the envy of every guest who comes through your doors.

17 Jul 2017

Keep Cool for Less with a Monte Carlo Ceiling Fan

The Perfect Way to Keep Cool

It’s hard to keep cool during the hot months of summer, and there’s nothing worse than being overheated and miserable when you’re in your own home. It’s easy to look to air conditioning as the solution, but a good ceiling fan can keep you just as comfortable – and you don’t have to break the bank to invest in one.  On top of that, a ceiling fan will keep the air circulating around the room and won’t dry out all the air in your home. A Monte Carlo ceiling fan is a stylish way to keep a room cool, even when the heat outside is scorching.

Enjoy Summer More

Wish you could enjoy the fresh summer air without suffocating from the heat? Our ceiling fans might just be the answer to your prayers. With a ceiling fan running, you can keep all the windows open and even turn up the thermostat without compromising your comfort in the slightest. In fact, ceiling fans can make you feel cooler than you would in air conditioning by about 8 degrees. Our Monte Carlo ceiling fans are efficient and powerful, and they are perfect for even the stuffiest spaces. Instead of shutting yourself away from the outside air, enjoy the best parts of the weather by relying on a fan to keep you comfortable.Monte Carlo Ceiling Fan

A Huge Cost Savings

Our ceiling fans aren’t just pleasant. They’re also hugely energy efficient, which is a massive relief to your electricity bill. Using ceiling fans instead of air conditioning can decrease your cooling costs by 99%. Our Monte Carlo ceiling fans save lots of energy, even if you leave them running all the time; however, since you can turn off the fan whenever you leave the room, you end up saving even more. Our ceiling fans don’t need maintenance, either, and because ceiling fans have a very low chance of malfunctioning, you can rely on them for a long, long time. Ceiling fans aren’t only good for keeping you cool, either – during colder months, the reverse setting can circulate warm air around the room, so you can use a ceiling fan to stay comfortable all year round.

The Best of Both Worlds

Not sure you want to get rid of air conditioning completely? You don’t have to choose one over the other; in fact, ceiling fans and air conditioning can work incredibly well together. Run a ceiling fan and raise the settings of your air conditioning to hit the perfect temperature using way less energy than you’d need with air conditioning alone. If you’re worried that a ceiling fan will be loud and disruptive, then make sure to go with one of our Monte Carlo ceiling fans, which are as quiet as they are efficient and powerful. And if you want a fan that can do double duty by also featuring a light, we’ve got you covered.  Our wide, varied selection of sizes, finishes, and blade options is bound to have the very fan you’re looking for at the perfect price for you.

03 Jun 2017

From Classic to Contemporary : Hudson Valley Pendant Lights

We’ve all seen it before : the over-the-top, garishly decorated home, victim to owners who have to jump on every new décor trend, no matter how crazy, how ill-suited to the home, or how poorly thought-out. Jumping on decor fads just because they’re in without making sure they’re right for you is sure to result in a home that doesn’t feel comfortable or cohesive. And then there’s the home that was once tastefully on-trend, but has fallen out of style and is in desperate need of an update. Then there’s the complete opposite: the bland, conservative home packed with play-it-safe decor and statement-free furniture. Sure, it might not go out of style, but it’s not very exciting or inspiring to look at. These unsightly homes often run through a homeowner’s mind when picking out new lighting fixtures. Do you go trendy and risk it looking silly in a few years? Or do you skew traditional and fail to make a statement. When pondering this conundrum, start with a brand that offers a lot of variety, like Hudson Valley Pendants, to help you weigh out the pros and cons of each.

Traditional Pendant Lights

Let’s start with traditional styles. Crescent Harbor carries a number of Hudson Valley pendants in classic, tasteful shapes and materials. Classic chandeliers and shade pendants in soft brushed medals, smooth glass and neutral fabrics will look good in your home for decades to come. The key here is the quality materials—beautiful finishes and stunning craftsmanship elevate these traditional styles from plain to sophisticated, so you don’t need to worry about them looking boring. Of course, if you do want to make a bold statement or fill a grand space, a traditional look might not be best for you.Hudson Valley Pendants

Trendy Pendant Lights

How do you know if a trendy or statement pendant is right for your home? If you want people to notice the pendant and not just the light coming from it, you’re probably a good candidate. Hudson Valley pendants are available in a variety of statement styles, in bold shapes and sizes and with unexpected details. Again, quality here is key. The quality of the materials prevents the Hudson Valley pendants from looking tacky or over-the-top, no mater how bold. A good quality statement pendant is the perfect addition to a fashion-forward space, or a great way to liven up a muted room.

But if you’re feeling at all uncertain about a trendier Hudson Valley pendant, then it might not be right for you. A statement for the sake of being trendy won’t age well.

The Sweet Spot : Somewhere in Between

Of course, there is no need to choose between fashion-forward and classic light fixtures. Hudson Valley pendants offer plenty of styles that fall right in the middle! Classic shapes with interesting but subtle embellishments, sculptural styles in timeless materials: these moderate styles are the perfect solution for anyone who is on the fence.

Ready to revamp your lighting? No matter what your style, there is a Hudson Valley pendant for you. Check out our selection at Crescent Harbor ( ) today.

02 Jun 2017

Hubbardton Forge Sconces – Bring a Modern touch to Your Interiors

Some light fixtures not only brighten up the home in the most modern and elegant of ways, but their designs can also take us on a mental trip back into our history. Sconces are the kind of modern lighting sources that remind the home decorator of tradition. Before electricity, people used sconces as place holders for the candles, or as gas torches that they carried with them. Hubbardton Forge sconces are light fixtures that are attached to the wall, serving both as a wall decoration and a source of light. The word sconce now brings a sense of something historical, or antique, no matter how modern your choice of light fixtures.

Historical meets modern with beauty

Today’s modern sconces are similar to the traditional wall sconce, but they are so much better. Sconces make a very sophisticated choice to tie the room together, or to make the decorating project come together. In the past, a wall sconce just meant light you didn’t have to carry, but today, a sconce says the same. A sconce says not only that light is important, but also that this home is important, and not just any light will do. Hubbardton Forge sconces are matching light fixtures that are flexible and tie in with the other lighting features of the home. They make pendant lights, floor lamps, accent lights, and wall sconces to give your home the look you want.Hubbardton Forge Sconces

Sconces are flexible

Hubbardton Forge sconces are flexible, and that is useful because a sconce can give a space an interesting look. In order to give an even light and design in a large space, put the sconces about three quarters up the wall and then balance them by putting them the same measured distance from each other as they are to the floor. One of the great things about sconces is that they can point their light in any direction. Turn the shade up or down to point the light in any direction.

Sconces show individual tastes and style

A sconce can be the perfect addition to the room or the area where they are installed because they can blend in so well to the decorated space. They not only look like the rest of the light fixtures in the set and group, but they can also look like the decorating project itself. Take some of these beautiful choices of Hubbardton Forge sconces. Some look like torches in their holders, like the Hubbardton Forge Brindle LED Sconce. Another, the Hubbardton Forge Tapered Angle sconce, glows warmly like a merry campfire. But Hubbardton Forge has many sconces that take us out of history and into the future; for example, the Sphere sconce, the Cosmos Sconce, and (unlike anything you have ever seen before) the Celesse Sconce.

Hubbardton Forge Sconces are made out of fine materials, like glass, wrought iron, gold, and mahogany wood, and they can really make a statement in elegance and sophistication. They can be relaxing conversation pieces, but more often, they are accent pieces that are so lovely that people admire them as a part of the whole room, knowing that they are reason the room is so striking.

01 Jun 2017

Elevate Your Decor with Troy Wall Sconces

The humble wall sconce was once thought of a one-trick pony : a beautiful but largely ornamental lighting piece that was more for show than actual lighting. But while the elegance and beauty of the wall sconce has not changed, today’s home decor experts are starting to realize that the wall sconce is a versatile piece of lighting. Here are just a few ways that modern homeowners are using Troy lighting sconces to elevate their decor and achieve a unique, signature look in their homes.

1.  The Bathroom

When it comes to lighting fixtures, Troy lighting sconces are the perfect blend of function and fashion. And in a contemporary bathroom, where space can be limited but style and good lighting are absolute musts, the wall sconce is the perfect solution. Not only can beautiful wall sconces be placed almost anywhere in your bathroom, but they can also elevate decor while ensuring you get the light you need right where you need it.

2.  Hallways

Hallway lighting usually comes in two forms : a modest chandelier or nothing at all. Troy lighting sconces provide a viable, fashionable third option. When you use wall sconces for hallway lighting, you can turn these spaces into much more than walkthrough. A narrow table with a wall sconce above, for example, can be a place to keep things you may need as you head out the door, like lunches, keys, and reminder notes. You can also create a flow and consistency throughout your home by using multiple sconces of the same design through an entire hallway. The consistency allows you to keep a similar decor palette throughout your home while getting the light you need in places that are usually lacking in light.

Troy Lighting Sconces3.  Living Rooms

As many people know : living rooms of homes built in the seventies and eighties are often lacking in light fixtures. The reasoning may actually have something to do with the advent of the television set, but the consequence is clear: living rooms need light. Wall sconces can provide the perfect solution, shedding light into a normally dark room. With Troy lighting sconces, your living room can be used for much longer, and for more things, than simply watching TV. With the right lighting, it can be a place to relax, to host guests, or to simply curl up with a good book after a long day.

4.  Kitchens

Under cabinet lighting has become a major craze in the past few years because they provide a beautiful visual aesthetic while providing light for cooking and prepping food. And while that option works for many kitchens, kitchens with less consistent cabinetry may need wall sconces instead. Troy lighting sconces are the perfect solution: providing elegant lighting that can also help you see everything necessary while working in the kitchen.

Troy lighting sconces from Crescent Harbor are beautiful, versatile pieces that can elevate the decor of almost any room in your home. If you are looking for a unique lighting solution for your home, be sure to check out the wide variety available exclusively through Crescent Harbor.

31 May 2017

How to Highlight Your Home with Minka Lavery pendants

Over the past few years, recessed lighting has become a more and more popular feature in homes. Recessed lights are installed so that the bulb sits above or flush with the ceiling line, as opposed to pendant lights, which hang below the ceiling line and often feature a decorative shade of some kind. Although recessed lights can be a good solution for adding extra ambient light to a home, they aren’t necessarily a replacement for pendant lights. A pendant light from a quality company, like Minka Lavery pendants, can add so much more than just light to your home. Here are a few reasons to consider pendant lights in your home.

Spotlighting Your Home

While recessed lighting can fill a room with evenly distributed light, pendant lights allow you to shine a spotlight on the best parts of your home and set the mood in a room. Whether you want to highlight a beautiful piece of furniture or art, or add a little extra glow over a dining area, a Minka Lavery pendant light can illuminate the best parts of your home.

Of course, the way the light is distributed depends on the shape and shade of the fixture. Check out our selection of Minka Lavery pendants or sconces to light up a mirror, multi-bulb fixtures to diffuse light in large areas, and many more options.

Part of the Decor

A pendant light does more than brighten up a room; it also makes a decorative statement—something recessed lighting simply can’t do. While recessed lighting is entirely utilitarian, Minka Lavery pendant lights add beauty, style, and personality to a room. A well chosen pendant light looks just as good when it’s off! Whether your look is modern and sleek or classically sophisticated, Minka Lavery has a style that will fit your home and add a splash of style.

Minka Lavery PendantsYou Don’t Have to Choose

If you’re still attached to the idea of recessed lighting, the good news is that you don’t actually have to choose between recessed and pendant lights. You can have both in the same room. Many people do, and it looks great! You can install recessed lighting in areas that need general brightening up, while still incorporating a Minka Lavery pendant light to highlight certain parts of the room and express your personal style. Because recessed lighting is designed to be fairly inconspicuous, you should be able to incorporate the two seamlessly without it looking cluttered or mismatched.

Once you have your recessed lighting installed in a way that’s functional and brightens up your home, the real fun begins: you can start shopping for a beautiful Minka Lavery pendant light to finish off your lighting design with style. Here at Crescent Harbor ( ), we have many styles of pendant lights to choose from, including a range of looks from Minka Lavery that span from classic to modern, and from understated to major statement. If you are ready to add that finishing touch to your home, check out our selection today.

02 May 2017

House of Troy Floor Lamps Make All the Difference

Lighting is such a key part of any home. It sets the tone and can make a room feel warm and welcoming, or moody and romantic. Sometimes, though, ceiling lighting can cause problems. If you don’t like the way a fixture looks or if it’s not functioning the way it should, it can be clumsy to make changes. This is why you might want to consider introducing some floor lamps into your home. They offer style and flexibility, and House of Troy floor lamps look just as good as ceiling lights. House of Troy has a number of styles that will convince you to make floor lamps a focal point in your home.


Although ceiling lights can provide a room with an incredible amount of light, problems start when you want to rearrange your furniture. Suddenly, your ceiling light is highlighting the wrong furniture, or you’re dealing with glare on your television screen. House of Troy floor lamps are perfect for lighting hard-to-reach spots, and they give you the option of moving them around until you find the perfect location. Bored of your living room setup and want to move things around? No problem! A floor lamp will make the shuffle a smooth operation, and with the strong, sturdy construction of House of Troy floor lamps, you can move them around without worry.


Let’s face it: nobody likes installing a new ceiling light. Sure, sometimes you can simply swap out the pendants and it’s a smooth procedure, but often you’re dealing with ladders in tight spaces, or discolored patches of ceiling left visible with the new light that require you to paint. Other times, a different size or shape of light requires you to move the entire fixture, leaving you with one hole to patch in the ceiling, and requiring you to drill another.House of Troy Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are the most convenient solution when new lighting is in order. A floor lamp can be put absolutely anywhere in a room, and installation is as simple as setting it down. House of Troy floor lamps offer a variety of styles, shapes and sizes, so there is bound to be something that is already a perfect fit for your room.


A ceiling light is visible from every part of the room and, because they’re not usually changed often, they have a feeling of permanence. For this reason, it can be tempting to play it safe with your ceiling lights, even if it means passing up a bold statement or a fun style you’ve had your eye on. A House of Troy floor lamp, on the other hand, doesn’t feel quite like a major style commitment in the same way that a ceiling light does, so you have more opportunity to experiment and have a little fun. A ceiling lamp is a great way to add a little color, whimsy, or boldness to your space. House of Troy has a number of styles that can make a statement in a way that complements your space.

If you’re ready to start shopping for floor lamps, check out the selection of House of Troy floor lamps here at Crescent Harbor. We’re always happy to give you advice and help you pick out the perfect piece to perk up your home.

01 May 2017