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How Nautical Outdoor Lighting Can Improve the Beauty of Your Home

Are you looking to install some new light fixtures to renovate the ambiance of your home? Have you thought about going with a theme among your light fixtures? It’s not something you hear about very often—choosing a theme for your light fixtures. It isn’t pushed quite as much as choosing a color theme for your paint or a theme for the art you display, but light fixtures play an important role in your home—and if you select the right ones, the fixtures can operate as art pieces in and of themselves. As such, you should have some kind of theme tying them all together, and right now, nautical is the way to go—just remember to select some nautical outdoor lighting as well to complete your home’s look and design.


Why is nautical the aesthetic answer?

There are a lot of reasons to go with nautical indoor and nautical outdoor lighting fixtures for your home’s design. First, they have a good aesthetic that works with a lot of different styles. If your home has more of a rustic style with lots of repurposed wood and exposed beams—the cottage aesthetic—then the aesthetic of nautical light fixtures is perfect. The adapted lantern style in a brushed bronze or copper says homey comfort and rustic charm. On the other hand, though, if you are looking for a fixture to go with a more modern or contemporary style, then the clean lines of indoor and nautical outdoor lighting in a brushed silver or nickel finish, complete with exposed bulbs, are going to provide just the right mix of complement and contrast to make your entire home’s design really pop.

Of course, nautical light fixtures are designed with more than aesthetic alone in mind.

Nautical indoor and nautical outdoor lighting are timeless pieces, and as such, they have an interesting ability to pull all of the affect of their history and tradition into the contemporary world in a clean and chic way. In other words, by displaying nautical outdoor lighting on the exterior of your home, or nautical interior lighting inside, you can capture the essence of an important history without overwhelming your guests with it.

And it’s an applicable historical tradition at that.

Nautical lights go back centuries, well past the 1830s, when the US passed an act that would require steamboats to carry one or more signal lights. From then on, the importance of nautical lights would continue to increase. Eventually, different colored nautical lights were incorporated into a communications channel among seafarers. You could indicate direction, distress, and even movement with nautical lights. And, of course, the most important nautical lights of all were lighthouses, which were designed to act as both a warning and a beacon to sailors. What better history to incorporate into your home’s design? By putting up nautical outdoor lighting by your front door, you can signal to loved ones and guests, creating a beacon with which you can bring them all home—nothing says charm more than that.

If you are looking to add a unique style and aesthetic to your home, try incorporating our collection of nautical indoor and outdoor lighting. It’ll improve the beauty of your home by incorporating both a stylish, clean aesthetic and all the charm of centuries of tradition.

01 Sep 2018

Improve Your Home’s Look and Feel with Craftsman Style Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is essential. Of course, putting lighting outdoors serves so many purposes, and there is so much that is expected of a beautiful light fixture. You can do a lot to improve your home’s look and feel by choosing the right craftsman style outdoor lighting fixture. When you know what you are looking for, or why you want the advantage of putting outdoor lighting outside your home, then finding the right one for you at an affordable cost is easy.


Craftsman style outdoor lighting is functional.

Obviously, areas of darkness need to be lit in order to be useful, safe, and secure. The main purpose of outdoor lighting is to provide light, so consider practicality first—but don’t stop there. Functionality also defines the type of light. There are as many different types of outdoor lights as there are indoor lights. Flush ceiling mounts, post lights, path lights, and even hanging lights can give your outdoor space purpose. Firstly, however, consider practicality. How well placed is the light and how much of the darkness does it keep at bay? These should be your top concerns. Beyond function, craftsman style outdoor lighting has many more purposes.

Craftsman style outdoor lighting fits in anywhere.

Craftsman style has style! The look of your home and the feeling it gives is as much about the lighting as anything else. Craftsman style outdoor lighting is beautifully designed to fit into any existing design plan, color scheme, or theme. No matter where in the country your home is, you want lighting that fits in with the purpose and expectation of the area. The lighting needs to be able to withstand the elements and the architectural expectations of your area. Is your style classic and stately, like an English country house, or is it colonial and rustic? Are gardens your thing? Is the air warm and dry, cool and breezy, or salty and nautical?

Craftsman style outdoor lighting has ambience.

Some of the greatest diversity in outdoor lighting styles is found in the ambience that the lights provide. Post lights, for example, provide lighting at the right height and in the proper period style. As well, they can hold up to use and to the elements. Here is where the craftsmanship is seen. Arroyo Craftsman Lighting, for example, is hand crafted with only the best materials; it is craftsman style outdoor lighting that is designed to look lovely when it is made from any material, in any size, or for any application.

The best thing about craftsman style outdoor lighting is that it ties your home together with an ongoing style and theme that moves throughout the home. You can improve your home’s look and feel with outdoor lighting that has purpose in mind as well as beauty. If you are looking for something with outdoor style, charm, beauty and quality, then you owe it yourself to see how some of these pieces will fit into your home.

You can do a lot to improve the look and feel of your home with craftsman style outdoor lighting from Crescent Harbor. Don’t keep all the beauty on the inside!

31 Aug 2018

Table Lamps for Living Room – How to Decorate Your Living Room Like A Pro with Table

It’s time to redecorate your living room, but you’re at a loss as to how you can modernize the room without spending a lot of money. It’s been our experience that the quickest and most affordable way is to get new table lamps for living room redesign purposes. Not only is this decorating trick the best fix, but you’ll also find that it’s super fun.


Before you go online shopping to find table lamps for living room spaces, we have some tips to finding what you want. The style and type of table lamp to add to your décor depends on your personal style and preference. Below are 4 things to figure out before you redecorate your living room.

Four Tips to Choose Table Lamps for Living Room Redecorating Ideas

1. What Ambiance are you Seeking?

The style of table lamps for living room décor depends on how you want to feel when you enter the room. If you’re entertaining guests, what type of atmosphere are you hoping to create?

Rustic Cabin in the Woods: Table lamps for living room rustic styles emphasize natural, rugged beauty by embracing earthy colors and organic warmth.

Tiffany: A Tiffany table lamp for living room transformation is ideal when you want a high-end designer feel in your living room. Tiffany lamps are considered part of the Art Nouveau Movement.

Traditional: Table lamps for living room traditional styles feature rich, warm, inviting colors to create an ambiance from various centuries.

2. How Important is Practicality?

Since Tiffany table lamps for living room styles are more expensive, you want to consider who uses the room. For example, you might want to reconsider if you have teenagers who like to get physical in the living room; or if you have active small children who might not understand how important this type of lamp is to you. Another consideration is pets. Do you have a hyper dog that’s left alone throughout the day?

3. Lighting or Decoration?

When it comes to table lamps for living room spaces, the tiniest of details can make a huge difference. You can turn your boring space into an inviting, cozy retreat, or into a bright and cheerful hub for family and friends. The style of table lamp you choose is important for creating either ambiance and lots of light, or for creating dim lighting with a table lamp that pops.

4. Where Will the Table Lamps go?

Where you’ll put the table lamps for living room redesign should be determined right away, along with their purpose. Will a table lamp sit high on a shelf or close to the couch for a cozy feel? You want to make sure the lamp will fit in the space, and you want to give the amount of lighting you’re looking for.

We hope we’ve given you lots of ideas on how to decorate with table lamps for living room ambiance. By now you should be excited to start shopping. May we suggest checking out our website to get what you need? At Crescent Harbor, we take pride in our selection of affordable table lamps that will transform your living room into what you envision. Whether you’re looking for a rustic, traditional, or elegant look, we’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for.

30 Aug 2018

How to Creatively Decorate Your Home with Buffet Lamps

The buffet lamp, also known as the bureau lamp or the candlestick lamp, is a handy, versatile lighting piece that can dramatically change the look of a room and focus its decor. As tall, thin floor lamps with narrow shades, they have the unique ability to fit almost anywhere, making them not only useful as decor pieces, but also for adding some much-needed light to areas that may not get the light that they need. Here are just a few ways in which the humble buffet lamp can be used to creatively change a room’s decor and function.


1. Make a Nook

One of the best features of the buffet lamp is its ability to fit almost anywhere. This is perfect for creating places where you need some light when the actual fixture is far away. Many people use buffet lamps to create reading nooks in places where there’s space but low lighting. All it takes is a nice chair, a buffet lamp, and a good book.

2. Throw Some Shade

Lampshades are about more than subduing the harsh light of a bulb; they can also help to illuminate a room in interesting, often dramatic ways. A tall buffet lamp is the perfect piece for having some fun with lampshades precisely because they can go almost anywhere and are tall enough to make a visual impact. Since they are so versatile, people use buffet lamps not just for light, but also for adding shape to a room. With a light or white lampshade, for example, the buffet lamp can help illuminate a room that is low on light or light fixtures, like living rooms or dining rooms that don’t have chandeliers. In these instances, a few buffet lamps with the right lampshades can make a room that’s difficult to use in the evening a warm and inviting place.

Throw a dark lampshade on a buffet lamp, however, and you can cast light directly up and down. This creates dynamic pillars of light that can completely shift a room’s decor. Many homeowners are using this technique in hallways, living rooms, and in places where people gather to offer a completely different look, one that uses light as a decor choice rather than a way to make something more visible.

3. Create a Theme

Another hidden power of the buffet lamp is that they are actually quite affordable, meaning you can often get a set and create a statement using identical pieces. This is perfect for spaces that are a little chaotic and need a unifying element to bring the entire space together.

The humble buffet lamp is one of the most under-appreciated light fixtures in the world; it’s a piece that has versatility and beauty. They can be used almost anywhere to do anything, from illuminating to completely changing a room’s look, and they are affordable enough to have multiples working together. If you are looking for buffet lamps, be sure to check out Crescent Harbor’s large selection of buffet lamps. These quality pieces are beautiful, functional, and can transform a room with just a single piece.

29 Aug 2018

Minka Aire Fans provide Style, Selection, and Quality

A ceiling fan makes a big difference in your home. They do a lot to change the atmosphere and the decor. Redecorate to suit the fan you have, or replace your fixtures with a new fan that suits your new interior design. Ceiling fans from Minka Aire provide style, selection, and quality, all while remaining functional. Ceiling fans are a comfortable method of climate control in your house, in either the indoor or the outdoor spaces. Minka Aire fans provide the look and feel that you want for your home. Effortlessly. That is the beauty of a ceiling fan.


They have style

With a ceiling fan, you can style your room any way you want. They are classy, sophisticated, and even futuristic. Minka Aire fans ( fit in any space to give it an elegance and luxury that is unsurpassed by any other decorating idea. You can style your room any way you want, and in keeping with your price range, with one of these offerings from Minka Aire. Do you like a classic style, maybe one that is inspired by old movies or historical time periods? Ceiling fans can give you that. Retro style or contemporary modern, there are so many styles to choose from, and every style will please you.

A great selection

Style and selection go together. Without the affordable selection that Minka Aire Fans offer, the promise of being able to decorate in the style you want could not be guaranteed. They have a selection of fans that fit flush against the ceiling as well as some hang down like pendants. Large or small, they can work indoors or outdoors, and with appropriate finishes, like brushed steel, polished nickel, or wood finishes, they can look good both indoors and outdoors, too.

Quality and Functionality

Style and selection meet quality and functionality. A good quality ceiling fan, Minka Aire fans are highly functional. They can lower the temperature of a room by at least 8 degrees, helping you to save money on air conditioning. Some ceiling fans come with lighting fixtures as well, so it doesn’t have to be a choice between the functionality of circulating air and the necessity of overhead lighting. The number of blades on the fan and the length and shape of the blades make a difference when you choose the best fan for your space. Reverse the direction of the blades to warm the air up. The cost to run a ceiling fan is minimal, so put them everywhere to improve the air circulation—and atmosphere—of your home!

Minka Aire fans are good quality and will work for a long time because the finishes are manufactured to industry standards. Best of all, they are quiet, and that is essential to performance. When choosing a ceiling fan, remember that they all do the same basic things, but what sets the best quality ones apart from the rest is more than beauty; it is quality, energy-efficiency, and durability of the fan.

Minka Aire fans from Crescent Harbor, offer all the choice you want at a price that will work for you. Find a ceiling fan that will give you all this for every space in your home.

01 Aug 2018

Use Hubbardton Forge Sconces to Illuminate Your Home

Are you looking for lighting fixtures that will work throughout your home? If you want something that does more than illumination by also making a statement and working as either an accent light or a full lighting fixture, think about Crescent Harbor’s selection of Hubbardton Forge light fixtures. For pieces that make a statement and are flexible, use the Hubbardton Forge sconces to illuminate your home.

Of course, lighting must illuminate, but it must also do more than that

Lighting needs to bring a sense of ambience and beauty to your home in a way that makes everyone fall in love with it. Hubbardton Forge sconces can do that. The name sounds historic and romantic in a way that is appealing to all tastes. Hubbardton Forge lighting can pull all the lighting together, making your home look beautiful and combining a sense of the historical with the rustic, wrought iron beauty that is just what you are looking for.


What is a sconce, exactly?

A sconce is a light fixture that is attached to the wall, and that feature already sets them apart as something different today. Originally, a sconce was a holder for candles, oil lamps, or gas torches, so it needed to be strong, well made, and capable of withstanding high heat. Today, they stay in one place and hold lamp shades and light bulbs, but they are still both within reach and out of the way. Hubbardton Forge sconces ( bring light to difficult spaces and are flexible enough to be used everywhere.

Sconces provide evenly spaced light, in single or in multiple.

Put a sconce in an area where you want just a small amount of light, or place several sconces an evenly spaced distance apart from each other to bring in the idea of illumination that travels with you throughout the home. Hubbardton Forge sconces can give all the areas of the home a sense of unity and planned flexibility.

Hubbardton Forge sconces provide flexibility because they are adjustable. They point their light either up or down. What’s the difference? Directing lighting up by pointing the shade on a wall sconce upwards adds depth to a small space like a bath, and it gives it a soft, glowing ambience. The light reflects off the ceiling and diffuses back down. Pointing the shade down, on the other hand, directs the light to a specific area and works efficiently as task lighting for a bathroom vanity mirror or for reading area or desk. The light focuses where you want it, thereby effectively illuminating the way you want it.

You can use the Hubbardton Forge sconces to illuminate any area in your home. As well, you can use Hubbardton Forge matching lighting to bring that continuity, unity, and flexibility into areas where sconces work well with other types of lighting styles, like pendants, ceiling lights, chandeliers, or lamps. The lighting is flexible because of the matching selection of styles and types of lighting, so you never have to look unplanned again. Indoor or outdoor, Hubbardton Forge sconces are what you are looking for.

31 Jul 2018

Six Ways to Decorate Your Home with the Hudson Valley Sconces

When it comes to home decor, nothing makes quite a difference like good lighting, and different lighting styles can completely change the mood of a space. For instance, if you want to add an elegant or dramatic feature to your space, you should shop for a pendant or multi-tiered chandelier. Installing a dimmer gives you the power to create a romantic or even relaxing atmosphere with ease. Whether in a pair or alone, Hudson valley sconces are a great and easy way to liven up a blank wall and elevate your space, and they can blend seamlessly with your decor. Sconces can be both feminine and élégant, or they can be modern and industrial, and they come in a variety of finishes and shapes. Add a hint of sophistication to your room without throwing off the balance of your space with these six decorating tips for sconces.


1. Frame a Mirror

Adding a mirror to a room can create the illusion of a bigger space, but framing that mirror in a pair of Hudson valley sconces ( kicks that illusion up a notch. Not only are you anchoring the mirror down and drawing attention to it, but you are also dazzling your dinner guests with a truly sparkling experience.

2. Enhance your Artwork

Not only are sconces a great way to light up a room, but they also can be used to draw the eye to an important detail or feature in a room, like your favorite artwork. For a cohesive space that really pops, coordinate the design and colors of your Hudson Valley sconces with the art and color palette of the room.

3. Spotlight a Door

Doors are often overlooked in a room, but you do not want your show-stopping, windowed French doors to go to waste. Don’t shy away from giving them even more of a spotlight with a set of over-the-top, mirrored Hudson Valley sconces.

4. Create a Feature Wall

No matter what your bedroom style is, whether you prefer industrial or mid-century, you can find the perfect Hudson Valley sconces to create a stunning feature wall over your bed. Sconces are also a great space saver for rooms that are short on space. If your room is a little too small for bedside tables, a sconce can be a great replacement for a traditional lamp.

5. Spice up the Outdoors

Hudson Valley sconces aren’t just for the indoors, so don’t be afraid to think outside of the house! Adding two sconces to an entryway adds a symmetrical and decorative element to your front door, and it is warm and inviting. Sconces also work great in the backyard. Add the perfect finishing touches to your entertaining space while making your guests feel right at home!

6. Brighten up the Bathroom

When it comes to the bathroom, you can either go subtle or bold with your choice of sconces. Juxtapose the clean and crisp lines of your bathroom with a striking pair of Hudson Valley sconces that really make a statement—or choose something in a more subdued color palette. No matter your preference or style, Hudson Valley sconces have the right look for you.

30 Jul 2018

Why Minka Lavery Pendants are the Best Choice for Your Home

There are a lot of aspects of a renovation that you have to keep in mind when updating a living space, and lighting is one of the more important of them. It doesn’t matter which room in the house you are renovating, lighting is key to getting the right feel in your environment—and to tying your decor together. Some spaces would look best with chandelier lighting, but sometimes you just don’t have the space to put one in; you may have a high ceiling, but not enough width to the room, or maybe you have a ceiling that is too low to accommodate one. Pendant lighting gives you the elegant lighting of a chandelier without the space requirement, and Minka Lavery pendants can be the best choice for bringing a room in your home together with an elegant and traditional feel while still providing quality lighting.


Practical Lighting Choice

Pendant lights are a type of lighting fixture that, similar to chandeliers, hang from the ceiling either by a rod or chain, but unlike chandeliers, they are more designed for accent lighting, or task lighting, rather than ambient or primary source lighting. As well, pendants generally feature a single rod, cord, or wire connection per bulb, whereas chandeliers have multiple bulbs all hanging through a single point. These features allow a pendant light to fit within many more locations than a chandelier can due to the smaller area they take up. As a result, they are attractive options for above a bar or kitchen island, along a hallway, in a smaller foyer, in a bathroom, or in the bedroom. Placing Minka Lavery pendants in your home to accent rooms, or as task or focused light sources, is a great practical lighting choice, leaving you with many sizes and styles to choose from.

Size Choices

There are several sizes of Minka Lavery pendants ( to choose from, as well as a variety of styles and material choices for each size. A Minka Lavery mini pendant is a great choice for an area in which you only need a single, small light, such as over a small kitchen island, a bar, or if you want overhead lighting for a desk in a den. Medium pendants will give you more lighting than a mini, so ideally you would likely choose it for a hallway, a kitchen or small dining table, or even for your bathroom. Minka Lavery also has large pendants available for spaces that are too large for a medium, but too small for a full chandelier, such as a dining room table, larger hallways, or even a foyer. Finally, they also have island pendants for locations in which multiple mini pendants won’t do, such as over larger kitchen islands, bar spaces, or maybe a his and hers bathroom vanity.

Variety of Styles

To go with all the sizes available, Minka Lavery pendants come in a variety of styles and materials. You can choose pendants that have a wide selection of finishes, such as bronze, brushed nickel, polished nickel, and iron oxide. And there are various styles of light enclosures, ranging from mesh metal shades to venetian scavo glass, to etched glass-box pleat, to styles that have exposed bulbs. Whatever your decor, you’ll find a pendant that will work for your home.

Minka Lavery Pendants are the Right Choice for Your Home

With so many options available, you will find that the Minka Lavery pendants that are available from Crescent Harbor will be the best choice for your home.

28 Jul 2018

All About Hudson Valley Sconces

The fact that you are likely reading this online testifies to how ingrained our culture’s transient and casual consumption habits are; this cultural behavior is supported by the ephemerality of the objects that we consume—from information online to more or less disposable material goods. But for all that, it shouldn’t be a luxury to own a well-made, heirloom-grade piece of consumer-wear. This is particularly true of one’s own home—possibly the least fleeting of material goods in our lives, and one that can be passed on down through the generations to remain a fixed site of beauty in one’s community. It makes sense to furnish your home with pieces that will endure just as timelessly and heartily as your house. Lighting falls into that odd category that neither really belongs to furniture nor to fixed structural features: lighting helps both to make a space and to make a space seen. To make the most out of your investment in lighting décor, you must make sure to choose the type of lighting instalment that best suits your home—be that a Hudson Valley sconce, a floor lamp, a chandelier, pot lights, or a combination of these.


What are your lighting options?

Each of these options speaks to its own potential location, however; and selecting a lighting option based on where you hope to throw light, and on what, should influence your lighting installation. For example, pot lights often do their best work when an object or space directly below the light needs to be illuminated—such as a painting or a kitchen space. On the other hand, a wall-mounted Hudson Valley sconce can cast light in a 360-degree field around itself, fanning vertically up, down, to both sides, or providing a combination of these options. Wall sconces furthermore add a more refined and subtle sense of ambiance to liminal and transitional places in the home—such as the hallway, the entranceway, or on the staircases—areas that would otherwise lack their own sense of character.

So, Sconces—So What?

What’s more is that, unlike some other mounted lights, such as pot lights and chandeliers, Hudson Valley sconces offer a degree of aesthetic and elegance comparable to furniture, along with the typically modular installation of furniture as well. So replacing and moving sconces around your home as the lay, décor, and mood of the house changes is easy. And speaking of easy, not only can the light cast by sconces range more freely than other lighting installations—from the diffuse to the direct—but often, wall-mounted units are also significantly easier to install in the first place (over chandeliers and pots, which require ceiling wiring and scaffolding or a ladder to install).

Now that summer has arrived, it is the perfect opportunity to throw open those shutters and doors, let the light in, and make some additions to your home. Whether you are planning on going for a more current look or a traditional Williamsburg vibe, it is always key to have the light-fixtures to match, and Hudson Valley sconces ( are surely the most versatile option. Not only does good lighting make your house into a home, but it will also demonstrate confidence and pride in that home to others.

30 Jun 2018

Three Ways to Choose the Perfect Pendant Light

It is the small things in life that truly matter, especially when you are designing or renovating a space. We all know that lighting has a big impact and can really define a room, but so does the design of the fixture itself. Hubbardton Forge pendant lights come in many shapes, sizes, and styles, but how do you pick the right one? There are three components to consider when shopping for your next Hubbardton Forge pendant light.


1. Functionality

The first step to picking the right light fixture for your room is first deciding what lighting you need. Once you have decided, you can choose the size and type of your Hubbardton Forge pendant. There are four main categories for lighting: task, ambient, accent, and decorative.

If the room you are designing has multiple large windows, then you might not require a lot of lighting during the day; rather, you should consider task lighting. Task lighting targets and illuminates a specific area. If you are trying to illuminate the whole room, which is common, then you want ambient lighting. Accent lighting is used as a tool to highlight a design feature or an art piece. And finally, decorative lighting exists purely for aesthetic purposes, whether it is the Hubbardton Forge pendant itself or the shadows the lighting creates.

2. Decor

The next component of choosing the right fixture is incorporating it into your decor. There is an endless variety of decor options, and there are a variety of hubbardton forge pendants that can pair beautifully with any design style. Mid-century has been one of the biggest home decor trends of the year. This decor style features a lot of wood and gold accents mixed in with rich textures and colors, such as velvet and navy. Choose a pendant that is either circular or has overlapping lines. Industrial and urban are sleek and clean with a lot of steel and distressed wood. For this style, choose a pendant with dramatic bulbs. Rustic, nautical, and farmhouse are all very similar in style; their color palettes feature similar shades. Neutral-colored Hubbardton Forge pendants ( that have intricate line work or that are square in shape blend well with all three styles.

3. The Room

The room you are designing also determines the type of Hubbardton Forge pendant you will choose. If you are decorating a dining room, consider a large and extravagant pendant that can stand alone as an art piece. It will attract the eye and can be used as a conversation starter at a dinner party. When it comes to the kitchen, and even the bathroom, you want to choose a pendant that is open-bottomed and aims downwards so you can highlight the counter and stove tops. A pendant with multiple bulbs is the best way to achieve this. Entry ways, living rooms, and bedrooms require ambient lighting. While a smaller, single-bulbed fixture is not strong enough to provide this, you can incorporate other lighting elements, such as lamps, into these rooms if you do not want a large pendant. Decorative lighting is best for rooms that have high ceilings because these pendants can create interesting shadows that draw your eyes upwards.

To check out a selection of these types of Hubbardton Forge pendants and more, visit Crescent Harbor today.

29 Jun 2018